Monday, 23 May 2011

And so it begins...

Well, this I suppose presents an introduction to what will be going on here.

I was recently up in Wellington, where I had a game of this 28mm Napoleonic game called Lasalle. Having never been really interested in Napoleonics, it completly blew me away, the miniatures were lovely, the ruleset was fun and the tactics were completly foreign to me (having been a WW2 player prior, turns out some stuff had changed between the Peninsula Wars and the Blitzkrieg...)

So, from that moment, I was sold. I am starting this blog because it seems like a pretty good idea to record what I have done, hopefully get some inspiration from some readers (hopefully get some of those too), then record my goings on as well.

Today a large order from the wonderful fellows at Warlord Games arrived (free shipping in May, ooh yes). It looked like this, contained within was the core force of my British Napoleonic Army!

Well, there it is, a first post. Expect some assembled brits, perhaps even one painted at some point?

Everything has to start somewhere.



  1. I look forward to the updates

    'Tis a slippery slope and I refuse to join in until Plastics Russian infantry is released!

    Which isn't far off


  2. At this rate, TIMCHURCH is going to corner the wargaming blogsphere.

    I started mine out with exactly this, a pile of plastics boxes from the UK.

    I wish those Russians were going to have Greatcoats! We'll see if the Macedonians win out... but there is always the possibility of Brits.