Friday, 18 November 2011

Flamescon 2011

Well, Flamescon is all of a day away, and my Guards Rifles from the 5th are rearing to go!
 The list is more or less the same as what I took to Conquest, with a few minor changes.

Company HQ

Guards Rifle Platoon- Three of these

Anti Tank Platoon- 4 6pdr guns with Lloyd Carriers
Heavy Mortar Platoon- 2 4.2" Heavy Mortars, Lloyd Carriers
Guards Armoured Platoon- 2 Sherman V, 2 Sherman VC (Firefly) Tanks, one with a .50cal AA
Self Propelled Anti Tank- 4 M10c Achillies
Armoured Car Patrol- 2 Daimler 1, 2 Daimler Dingo

So, thats the army! I thought I would try to see what a few close ups looked like on the different elements, I am pretty happy with how they look overall really, they are certainly a cohesive force if nothing else!

As for the tournament, well... I am not sure what to expect. I am guessing an excess of tank armies, with a smattering of tough infantry companies. I know that Bob and Nick will be there, with their super tough infantry armies, so I really hope I dont have to face them (again)!

Will have an update for you Monday, here is hoping the dice are on my side. Failing that, brew more tea!



  1. Good looking force. I like the red poppy effect on the bases. Nice touch.
    Not that I am any expert but it seems like a well balanced force, and is a force I will be be looking to build myself; I already have the Shermans and 6pdrs...
    Good luck at the weekend.

  2. Good lck Poochie- the force has a nice balance to it so hope it does well. I look forward to a post comp report.


  3. Nice combined arms task force.
    Did you get any ranks in taunting?

  4. Bit late to wish you good luck but am looking forward to a report!