Wednesday, 22 February 2012

One Year On

Today is the 22nd of February 2012. One year ago, my hometown of Christchurch was struck by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake, devastating the central city, outlying suburbs and the hills to the east of the city.

On that day, 185 lives were lost, thousands injured and no Cantabrian unaffected.

I am a lucky one. I was uninjured, no one close to me were among the casualties, my home is stable and only in need of minor repairs. I am in paid employment, and despite my business being unable to work out of it's previous location, we have adapted and are now providing an improved service, which is being very well received by our customers. We work now from a warehouse, which in spite of the leaks in the roof near my desk, serves our purposes. All the essentials are there for us, and this new trimmed down style helps us to deliver better programs, because we are forced to adapt. There are good coffee places nearby, and good food outlets are springing up around where I work and where I live, businesses forced to move from the central city, but who are realizing the potential of the suburbs.

But that is not to say that I am unaffected. Since September 4th, 2010 Canterbury has experienced 9667 earthquakes, ranging from magnitude 2 up to a magnitude 7.1 quake. Even the most calm of the Zen Masters must admit that the uncertainty takes it's toll. But, they would also point out that the earth will do what it is want to do, man makes plans and the gods laugh at us.

So the message of this post? At 12:51 I will be sitting at my workbench, diluting Hydrochloric Acid, to use in a class next week. But I will stop, and be thankful for what I have, what I will have and what was.

As a city, Christchurch needs to accept the past, to prepare for the future. And I know it is so very easy for me to say this, but I believe that grieving is essential but through that process we need to now step forward, to heal our fallen city.

Musings over, Greeks tomorrow.



  1. Nice post. My thoughts are with you all down there.

    We've had the odd little wobble up here (Paraparaumu), but nothing like what you guys have suffered...

    I still recall the day it happened as I was hosting a LOTR games session, and once news came through we all just stopped and gathered round TV in a state of disbelief...

    We always kinda new NZ was due a biggie, but I always expected Wellington to be the place to suffer form all the scientific speculation. Never expected CHCH to be hit the way it was...

    You mentioned 'the gods' and I must admit at the time it made me ponder. I'm not religeous, but with all the doomsayers, Nostradamus and '2012' and all that going on ... I wondered if "He" was having a go at his namesakes place on earth... ?

    Be strong.

  2. Achilles wouldn't let the gods push him around like that. He would stop the earthquakes.