Monday, 20 June 2011

Royal Artillery reporting!

Well, I finally managed to get some painting done, so without further adieu, here is my foot artillery battery.
The entire battery, 2 9 pdr guns and a 5.5 inch howitzer, along with their accompanying crew.
The howitzer crew, along with the battery officer. These guys have impressivly colourful uniforms, red, yellow blue and white. Yellow is my nemesis as a colour, but the yellow on these chaps was not too painful, perhaps I will be able to do the 88th with their yellow facings?

I am going to base the whole battery on one base, 150mm x 75mm; so I had to keep crew numbers down a bit, and they will be alot closer to their guns than would be safe operating practice for a normal gun crew! In Lasalle terms, the british artillery battery is underwhelming compared to other batteries. The standard French battery is 4 guns, where as the Russian is an impressive 5 guns! Now, size isn't everything, but when firing cannon balls, it really is. So, the british batteries are small, and frequently outgunned. I think that is a theme in the British army in the Napoleonic period. Why did I choose the army which requires solid tactical skill to use effectivly? That might teach me to choose armies based on my dubious understanding of history...

These are some of the Victrix artillery heads, the one on the extreme right is a good example of how some of them just look... weird... I am definilty more fond of Perry, simply because of the faces!

As for what is next on the painting table, here is what I have started...
Might even get them finished tommorow, since I am working the rest of the week. I really do need to look into my photography too, but not right now.


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