Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Some Huns, Some Yanks and a Limey or two

Well, the painting over the last couple of days has gone well. Or more, the painting yesterday went very well, to make up for the fact that I was going to get very little done today! Might get a little more done before hockey training, but it is unlikely!

So, what did I get done? How about half a unit of KGL?
So there is 8 done, plus the skirmisher (he is hiding on the left); so 9 out of 17 germans completed! I have developed a pretty good system for painting my British now; the only change that I needed to sort out with these guys was to find a good way of painting the grey trousers (coldstreamers have white if you can't remember)
Herr Commandant, looking classy as ever!

So, not only did I manage to finish off half of the KGL; the Coldstreamers are also completed...
But wait, there is more! I got sick of painting red; so I painted up two skirmisher stands for the army, these represent the 60th Rifles (Royal Americans). I opted for these over the (far more popular) 95th rifles because the Royal Americans fought alot with the Guards; plus they have some sweet red cuffs!

I still don't really have a handle on the "painting faces" aspect of 28mm modelling; but I guess I have plenty more models to practice on! Overall, at this point I am pretty happy with how my guys look. Quality basing will bump them up as a force, and as of this morning I have a pretty good way to get 50mm bases I think, so watch this space, there might actually be some based troops sometime!

Also, the count for 28mm figures complelty painted so far this project? 36 so far....



  1. Great looking army and I like the mix of forces as well.
    I've never seen the KGL on a tabletop before but I have read about them.
    The Royal Americans! Fracking awesome. Someone in an early Psyops unit made that happen eh.

  2. Thanks man! I am hoping to have a pretty good mix of troops; if for no better reason than to give me some fun stuff to paint!

    There is a very cool unit half assembled so far; they will be my next project!

  3. This are looking really good Pooch!

    Very much looking forward to getting some Frenchies to take them on eventually!. I may also have some spare Victrix British sprues, not sure how many models are one them but will bring them along tonight.

  4. I wont be there tonight, gotta pick up Nick G before southcon at the weekend. So hold onto them for a week! I have those frenchies too if you want them, I wont be doing much with them at all for a long time (at least till my Brits are done!)

  5. Nice work and you pretty quick too..Looking forward to see it grow. Cheers, Michael