Monday, 11 July 2011


Bases were one of the issues that I hadn't resolved for the army, I started by attempting to cut 50 x 50 squares of plasitcard, and failed miserably. So, I instead turned to an American company called Litko ( I ordered plenty of 3mm thick MDF 50mm squares, some 50mm round bases to serve as my Generals bases, and some 150x75mm bases to make my artillery on one whole base. Ordering from them was painless, and honestly, I don't mind paying for the bases since my own attempts were so terrible! Also as a note, I sent them an email enquiring about shipping times and got a prompt email back, from an actual person, and they also asked questions about the recovery in Christchurch. All that, to me is very important! One thing I really do miss by shopping online is the customer  service aspects, given the choice I think I would tend to buy based on the better customer service!

Well, so the bases arrived on Friday and I only managed to get around to doing something with them this morning. Here is the army as it stands, all nicely out on bases
The empty wooden bases represent things which I haven't even assembled yet, and the left most unit in the front rank is the 33rd, currently awaiting paint! Hopefull I will finish them this week, plus those two colonels in the front too; then who knows, maybe I could work out a basing scheme for myself?

As for actual painting, all I managed to get done is this Warlord Games mastiff, which will give the Artillery colonel some company on the objective marker! He also represents the 120th 28mm infantry figure that I have painted so far for my British, and by my count, I have another 80 infantry to go....

Lastly, next time you wargamers have a tape measure out, measure 21 inches. That was the distance the British Army were expected to stand from the person next to them. Doesn't seem like a very long way does it?



  1. I like the 3mm MDF bases and agree about supporting good customer service. I do also try to support brick and mortar businesses...
    I was just getting to ask about basing and thinking about how to cut it. So your timing is impeccable.;-)

    On the infantry spacing, in the Marine Corps when we 'dressed right' you stuck out your arm smartly to the left and lined up on your comrades arm as well as your other comrades, up squad as it were, to your right. My arm is more like 30 inches to fingertip.
    I wonder if it varied by regiment or battalion. In most of the 18th and 19th century regiments every battalion had 5 companies, the small guys went into the skirmisher or light coy. The big guys went into the grenadier coy. If the whole regiment was there the battalions would often reform by type.
    Anyway Urah!

  2. I would always love to support brick and mortar businesses, I would much rather go in to shop rather than online!

    Not sure if the distances varied; it was (Ii think in theory) 21" for infantry, and 33" for cavalry as spacings between troops.

  3. I've had look at their website.
    Do they do 3mm MDF custom cut anywhere. Can't find it.
    I want 8x7cm and 8x4cm maybe even even rounded corners. Nah, I'll just file.