Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Well, this happened on Monday
So, needless to say I had no work! Like any good wargamer, I thought I would get some painting done, and this is what I came up with.
My unit of Hussars! These chaps are more Hanoverians, representing the King's German Legion Hussars. The main difference between these and British Hussars is simply the colour of their Bearskins- British had black (like the guards outside Buckingham) whereas these chaps have a brown Bearskin. The models come from Front Rank, and are pretty reasonably priced, with some pretty good detail. It is actually a bit weird to be painting lead again after all the plastics!

Some close-ups
The regiment's bugler
And a standard Hussar.

I must say, it was nice to paint something not red for a change, but the horses seemed to have no inspiration for me! Luckily for me, that is all of the cavalry I have to paint for the army. Not sure how I would cope painting an entirely cavalry army, like some people are doing!

As for why I have KGL Hussars? Well, late in the day at Waterloo, Wellington placed his light cavalry (Hussars and Light Dragoons) behind the squares which were a bit more shaky, especially those of the Hanoverians and Brunswickers to give them a morale boost (and stop them clearing off!) and also to clear out any French cavalry that attempted to envelop the squares!

So with them done, that just leaves 3 infantry units and 1 artillery unit. All before the end of August. Plus all the bases. Oh and did I mention I have no idea how I am going to transport it?



  1. Looking good Poochie- are they metals?

    We missed all snow- it hit north and south of us (often the way as the bad weather goes straight up the coast and misses our little region).

    I think we are starting to find the one major flaw in 28mms- transporting them on planes is a pain!


  2. Huzzah!
    Glad to see others are putting the snow day to good use.

  3. Yep, they are metals, a precursor to your front rank order. I think being metal or plastic they will be a problem on a plane! It is going to require some serious brain power to sort out that particular issue.....

  4. Wow - these are great! Searching for tips as I'm starting on some Perry British Hussars. Best, Dean

  5. Glad you like them Dean! I am slightly jealous of the Perry Hussars, perhaps I will have to invest in a box of them myself....

    I used GW's Regal Blue, followed by a GW Badab Black shade and a matt varnish over top to take of the shine. Pretty simple, but effective I think!