Friday, 2 September 2011

6 Day Para Challenge- The end...

So, the challenge has finished last night, when we had our practice Market Garden Total War game.
The table itself was suitable massive, representing from JOE's bridge, right to Arnhem, with Nimejen and Eindhoven in between. The Welsh guards started at the bottom right of that shot, and their goal was to cover the 12 feet to link up with the Paratroopers. So how did the game go? For the allies- poorly.
This was the best that the Welsh Guards looked all game, from here, those nasty Fallschrimjager of Jason did nasty nasty things to the poor tankers.

As for Arnhem? Well.. the british paratroopers didn't have enough troops to hold of a massive Grenadier Horde (von Tettau), and so eventually capitulated.

As for the middle? Well, the 82nd achieved all of their objectives!

First objective secured after some house to house fighting!
The inevitable German counter attack- which was met by the might of the Beep Beeps! 50 cals do nasty nasty things to halftracks- actually to that end, so do Paratroopers with gammon bombs....
The Beep Beeps, holding the centre of Nimejen.

Well, the challenge is over, my Paratroopers are painted. Well, 1200 points of them are! I need to adda few things to both them, and to my Guards Rifles. But... I don't really want to do another challenge for a while, that was too many late nights painting.....
Thats the whole lot of them! So, none of that was painted this time last week....



  1. Yep. No Challenges for a while I think either!

    Funny how our 6 Day Para armies preformed the best by far on the table... :)

  2. Looks like it as a lot of fun. Let me know when the next one is.