Friday, 9 September 2011

Things that go zoom

Well, the Lasalle game at Conquest has become a bit of a no go. People couldn't make the trip down, and it was becoming more of a hassle than anything else! So, instead we (Nick, Craig and I) are going to play FOW. In addition to that, I am going to head up to the BF Grand Tournament in Auckland, and I have decided to play the same army both times.

So with plenty of speculation of lists for Conquest going on in various places on various blogs, I suppose I had better throw my hat in too!

I am planning on my Coldstream Guards Rifles, taken from Hells Highway. Now remember that these guys were half finished at the end of the Snow Challenge, so there is a fair bit more painting I need to do to get them tournament ready....

So, this is the start of the "Second Wave" of my Coldstreamers, the first things being some support from the Royal Air Force!

My flight of Typhoons, looking like they really need a coat of paint! That is the weekend's job.
Showing how my typhoons are attached to their bases. I was unsatisfied with how my other BF aircraft tended to get scratched or otherwise damaged when I put them onto their bases, so from now they will all use the magnets from boxes of tanks, one on the aircraft, one on the base. It makes a brilliant connection, and will stop me scratching the Tiffies when I game with them!

So, these are the start of the 2nd Wave, more pics of the rest of the wave tommorow, plus some paint on my RAF. And maybe even a list?


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