Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Vietnam Week at the Wars of Pooch

Over the next few days, I have decided to crack into painting some 15mm Vietnam figures, ready to play some Ambush Valley, the Vietnam variant of the Force on Force game.

This all started because I have been reading alot lately about the Vietnam conflict, started off by me having the book Matterhorn thrust into my hands, and express orders to read it! A good review is here, my (not so good) review is in the comments! So I started there, then read USMC legend Bing West's Small Unit Action in Vietnam and was rearing to go by this point!

I am heading away for a couple of weeks at the end of the week, so I am going to get cracking into my assembling/painting/writing over the week, so expect daily updates! If nothing else, I need to get some stuff painted, and I have had 15mm Vietnam stuff ever since Battlefront brought out some models for it!

So, to get me started, here is a comparison.

First up, we have a 15mm US Rifle figure from Battlefront Miniatures. It has typical Battlefront style, a pretty expressionless face, but well detailed kit and weapon. The pose is pretty good, I have a funny thing about weirdly posed miniatures. It is always in the back of my head when I hold a firearm that they are actually heavy, especially when it is a LMG! I personally like the miniatures that Battlefront produce (I have quite a lot), so I opted to use these for my US Infantry.

Next up, this is a 15mm US Rifleman from the Flashpoint Miniatures. I picked up their Company HQ pack, to add to the Battlefront range. There are some really neat things in their pack, soldiers carrying another soldier in the firemans hold, Scout Dog teams and a few other really cool pieces of kit!

But on the whole, the quality is not quite the same level as Battlefront. Not that it is bad, it's just not to my personal tastes. The lead that they are cast from is also not as forgiving as Battlefront's, I broke a couple off their bases trying to get them standing up straight! But for those quirky little things (Scout Dogs!) I couldn't be happier with them. Some of their miniatures are really good, but you will see those in the future, once they have some paint on them! They will mix ok with Battlefront too I think, not too many outwardly physical differences.

I like the Battlefront Miniatures, but at present their range is small, certianly for the US I will stick primarily to Battlefront, then supplement with Flashpoint miniatures. In saying that, Flashpoint do a range of ANZACs which are in a blister pack hidden away, and soon they will do a range of USMC with M14 rifles which I would dearly like.

So, there you have it, the start of Vietnam week. Tomorrow? US Infantry, talk of helicopters and maybe even some stuff fully painted.....



  1. Interesting to see you using BF figures, yet not playing the Vietnam FoW game - any reason why not, since you are already a FoW player...?

  2. The FOW Vietnam is not a bad game, but it is repetitive. The NVA are a one trick pony, so makes for an uninteresting game from that respect. I also like the way Force on Force works, so am really happy to stick with that.

  3. This will change with next years releases, Both sides get some nice new stuff and the Vietnamese really get some cool new toys. Plus lots of extra missions in the game give it alot more staying power.