Thursday, 20 September 2012

Vietnam Week Part 2: Actual Progress!

EDIT: Now with photos that you can actually see the miniature in! Well, my plan of posting every day didn't even last a day! Sigh. Yesterday was not overly productive, but I did manage to cook a good dinner for some friends and get a whole lot of work done on the rules for our 6mm Moderns game. But what of the Vietnam painting? Well, I got home from work quick smart today (like I need an excuse) and got cracking into painting. I managed to put the finishing touches on a fair few of the models, so here are some of the finished results. Apologies for the photos, taking photos at 11pm at night, with a camera phone doesn't yield the best results (suprising right?) First up, are some Heavy Armour. Two M48 Patton Tanks. These things are absolute behemoths, I must do a scale shot tomorrow to compare! They are Battlefront miniatures, and are absolutely lovely.
Very cool tanks. The decals aren't shiny in person, cameras have a nasty habit of finding the smallest amount of shine off of things... Next up, the start of my Helicopter support. This AH-1 Cobra comes from Flashpoint Miniatures, and is in glorious plastic! It was super cheap, and is a really nice kit. It brought back memories from my childhood sitting assembling a plastic kit- although it was a bit weird that it was BLACK plastic not Olive Drab....
Decals came from Battlefront, the numbers were borrowed from the SS Panzer decal sheet, and I just painted the white in! So, a Cobra, all ready to rocket and roll! And now, we reach the real heavy hitters of the army. A platoon of grunts from the 101st Airborne Division. First Up, the command squad of an Lt, RTO and Sgt (Battlefront Miniatures)
Then First Squad (Battlefront)
And Second Squad (Battlefront)
And who could forget Third Squad? (Battlefront)
Then onto some attached Heavy Weapons from the Weapons Platoon. First up, two M60 Light Machinegun teams (Battlefront Miniatures)
And a 3.5 inch "Super Bazooka". Because of the lack of NVA Armour, these teams usually were disbanded, and formed into their own Rifle Platoon, or became part of another rifle company as casualties mounted. (Flashpoint Miniatures)
And there are also some additions for the HQ. First up, a Medic with a wounded GI (Battlefront)
And two Scout Dog Teams. These were incredibly useful in the jungle fighting, the dogs were adept at sniffing out the NVA and preventing ambushes. Plus, it ain't called the "Wars of Pooch" for nothing! (Flashpoint Miniatures)
So, there you have it. That is where I am at after a day and an evening of painting. What's on the block for tomorrow? UH-1 Slicks, some M113s and a couple more infantry stands. That should just about do it for my Vietnam painting for a wee while! CP


  1. Very cool. I'll be starting the same project in a month or so. I'm going to use a mixture of Peter Pig, Battlefront and Flashpoint. (I really like that dog team)

    PS: You need to take those pics again so we can see your work better.

  2. Will do some new pics after work today, doing them at 5pm rather than 11 should help!

    Funny you should mention Peter Pig. I have been looking at their range, and will add some to my collection. Especially their 105mm Guns, I think I might make a Firebase....

    I do like Flashpoint, the plastic choppers are the business!

    1. Excellent, much better! What paints did you use for the uniforms and why the Flashpoint Cobra instead of Battlefront? Great stuff. I've downloaded 'FNG 2nd Tour' which has an excellent campaign environment. One option is that all the players can all be on one side - it looks quite well thought out.

    2. Uniforms are Vallejo Russian Uniform WW2, with a little highlight over top. Not much of one, every photo I have seen of the 101st troopers in the field- they aren't exactly clean!

      Flashpoint Cobras because of price firstly, but also I do really like the models. I have 3 of Flashpoints UH-1s that I will finish soon too, but they are very good kits, pretty easy to assemble and do the business!

      Campaign system, that could be cool! I need to get on to the. Other locals who have some 15mm stuff kicking around to get them into gear!

  3. Looking good Poochie. Why 15mm though? Would skirmish gaming look better in 28mm? I guess the tanks would be a bit big :)


  4. The tanks would be exceptionally large! But the real reason is that I have the 15mm figures. I was sorely tempted by the 28mm chaps, even going as far as pricing and organizing where to get the figures from for what I wanted, but I have had these lying around since last bedecon!