Thursday, 6 December 2012

6mm Moderns- Australians!

Well, it was inevitable after my trip to the Royal Australian Armoured Corps museum that I would write the rules for the Australians in Conflict '89.

The Australians adopted a pretty interesting formation in the modern period. Historically, the Australians (and New Zealanders) were regarded as some of the best light infantry in the world. Battles like Tobruk, El Alamein and the fighting in Papua New Guinea during the pacific campaign cemented that reputation.

But it was in those battles which the Australians realised the need for specific close supporting armoured formations- they were actually one of the first formations to be supported in big tank attacks in World War One. Through the later New Guinean campaign they were supported by Matilda tanks, using them as a jack of all trades style vehicle.

But on to the modern period. The Auzzies drove Centurions during the Vietnam War, by all counts they loved that tank, finding Splintex (flechette) rounds especially effective.

In the period of Conflict '89, the Australian armoured were equipped with Leopard 1AS4 tanks.

And here are my 10 Leopard 1AS4 Tanks, showing off the awesome colour scheme that is AUSCAM.

Supporting the Leopard tank formations is the Mechanised Infantry. Still equipped with the M113 of the Vietnam era (the AUSLAV is not available until the mid 90's), the Australians utilised multiple turret configurations, the most unique being the M113 MSV, which was an M113 equipped with the turret from a Scorpion light tank. This vehicle was tasked as an infantry support vehicle, based on their experience in Vietnam. Also in the formation is a mortar carrier also.

Again the M113s are showing off how cool AUSCAM is!

Of course, the M113s are transports, so need the infantry too

Infantry with 2 MILAN ATGMs and 2 Red Eye MANPAD

Also in support, there is a recon platoon of four M113, two equipped as MSV vehicles

I put them on bases with their dismounts, so I could tell which was which in relation to my formations.

Of course you also need someone to command it, this is the Battalion XO with his M577..

Another hallmark of modern warfare is using an unarmed helicopter as a forward observer for artillery batteries. The Australians use the Kiowa in this role.

So that is it, the whole lot!

What is next? Well.. These have been started..

But more on those soon.



  1. Mate, those are hella cool.

    But, nevertheless, I will napalm them with my SU-24 and rocket them with my Krokodil and Hippo.

  2. Very nice!

    I've been working on some modern Australians, but have not figured out what's out there that would make good proxies for infantry. Americans? British? Something else? Would it matter at 6mm? What are you using for infantry?

    1. I used the GHQ Americans to do it. At 6mm it probably won't matter, but really neither is exactly consistent.

      The Australians had retired their SLRs in favour of the AUSteyer (an aussie copy of the Steyr), so neither British or Americans are exactly right. Webbing wise, both are fine at 6mm. If I remember right the Aussie style is consistent with the US.

      MILANs etc would have to come from the British...

      Check my photos from Puckynupal for some camo ideas!

    2. Thanks! Now you got me in a quandary. After I posted this, I read somewhere that someone used GHQ modern Chinese for Australians. The Chinese use something that looks like the Steyr AUG. What I don't want are Australians armed with RPG-7s!

  3. These look Great mate!

    Good Work - I hope I get to destroy them all before you head up north...


    1. Agreed! They do need a game before I head up north!

  4. Hey are you guys using the epic rules? If so could you share the changed lists?