Saturday, 15 December 2012

ACW Test Model and Preparations for the Painting Challenge

The school year has almost finished up, which has started to offer me a whole lot more time to get into modelling projects before I need to pack everything up for the move!

In that time, I have been cracking into painting a 7 base unit of ACW soldiers, and here is the first completed soldier!

Just a standard Perry Plastic model, no conversions, just simple painting. His pants are pretty muddy, but that hasn't really come through in the photo. I did that mainly to break up the bright blue of his pants, so that it wouldn't overpower the rest of the model. He looks pretty good I think, will certainly fit the bill! The remaining 34 guys from the unit are all half finished too, hopefully will get them done and have the whole unit finished by tomorrow night.

Along with painting up a whole lot of blue, I have been getting things out of boxes and assembling them. I have had plenty of 28mm figures stuck unpainted (usually in their original blisters) as part of old projects, old ideas or they got stuck in the too hard basket.

The plan then for the Analogue challenge is for me to get them OUT of their boxes, and get them painted so I can actually use them! Or at least have them painted in their box!

The first couple of these armies got taken out of their boxes and put onto bases today.

Empress miniatures Taliban and Insurgents, they are at least on some bases! I have some USMC on order to oppose them too, probably using Force on Force I think. But they are lovely miniatures (I have avoided them for so long, but Empress are gorgeous), so I am looking forward to painting them!

Two squads of ANZACs in Vietnam and one squad of NVA infantry from Eureka Miniatures. There are a couple more on the way just to complete the ANZACs, and I will go looking at other companies to flesh out the NVA, as Eureka only do these 10! Not sure which rules I will use for these, I have the Ambush Alley rules, so they might work, but if you have any suggestions, let me know.

Oh, and that green blob in the back? A 28mm Huey. Can't do some Vietnam gaming without in my book! Just to give myself a bit of a challenge while I am at it. I think I will petition Curt to make it worth a few more points, it is ginormous!

Anyway, off to undercoat these now, then will get back to painting ACW. Then I need to prep a whole lot of 6mm Modern infantry, then I might start prepping some ACW... then some Thirty Years War....



  1. Going to love watching you paint these up I have managed to avoid modern stuff so far :) but being the worst sucker for shiny stuff I am sure some will work its way onto my painting table at some time.
    Peace James
    Say hi to the Sun for us cus its peein down all day every day here in the UK :(

    1. I was avoiding it too- but then I got suckered into 6mm, and then I though that having a go at Urban BDU might be fun. Might! I need to do the insurgents first, but they will be fun to do.

      The sun is definitly out here, doing it's best to set me on fire. I guess all the jokes about English weather weren't jokes at all, they were actually just weather reports?

  2. Good luck with the challenge. I will enjoy watching these progress.

  3. Nice start with he prep work.The challange will help a few folk get those backwater projects kicked into mid stream.

    Good Luck and good prepping


    1. I have plenty of backwater projects! I will do some of my "normal" projects too I think, but as you say, it will get me off my ass and painting!

  4. Very cool! Is the Huey a 1:48 kit? Who makes it? Was it a pain to put together? I ask as I'd like to do Vietnam in 28mm but you HAVE to have the Hogs and Slicks.

    1. That Huey is a 1:48 kit from Revell, it is usually a Huey Hog. It was not excessivly annoying to put together, I imagine I am going to swear alot when I put in the glass at the final stages!

      Not sure who you are going to use for your miniatures company (do you have any ideas?) but Baker Company sell the Huey, plus they do door gunners etc too. I am going to add some grunts inside it (they are on their way now)

      It will also do double duty for 28mm Zombie games!

    2. Hmm, I'll have to see if I have the patience. I did one when I was 13 and it almost killed me (again its the glass).

      Oh, there's lots! The Assault Group has almost 50 packs of Vietnam figures, then there's Eureka's excellent range, E-Bob's Special Forces, Parkfield's range... There are lots of options.

    3. The windows is where I used to fail as a kid too- so we will see how that aspect goes...

      TAG was where I think I will pick up my NVA, although I do like Baker Company. More research is needed absolutely.

      I did have to order the last few bits of Eureka's Nam range to finish what I had, I am a fan of their minis!