Monday, 1 August 2011

Do you have a flag? Part 2

Well, I managed to get the last of my flags assembled.
The 27th Inniskilling's regimental colours.
The 3rd (Scots) Guards regimental colours.
And the Coldstream Guards colours.

So, with them all done, all that leaves me to do is the 3 infantry units and artillery unit. Not much...

In other interesting news, the influence of Lasalle is spreading! We are in the progress of organising firstly a Lasalle demonstration game at Conquest, and also organising a one day competition to go along with it on the second day. So all very exciting stuff, but when we have better information, I will post it up here. For all those interested in Lasalle, it will definitly be on show at Conquest!

Right, back to the painting table,


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  1. I did whats your address I'll post them to you. My email I'm working on my gun crews at the moment i order about ten from Perry. I've based up 4 battalions so far plu heavy cav and half way through my Dragoons, i've got another 6 Battalions coming from front rank as well so alls rolling along well