Tuesday, 26 June 2012

28mm Gerbigsjager

Fresh from their recent action in Bohemia, I thought I would put up some pictures of my whole 28mm Gerbigsjager force.

First up, we have the Oberleutnant with his Schirmm├╝tze (peaked cap), along with the groups medic. Both miniatures are Warlord Games plastics, the Medic has been converted to have the captured American supply bag, along with a bit of a repose. The Oberleutnant is straight out of the box, except for his face, which is clearly out of a Commando comic....

Next, we have the first squad of Infantry. All are Warlord Games plastics, with the addition of the metal Gebirgsm├╝tze (field cap) heads from the Warlord range. 1 MG42, as well as the Unterfeldwebel with an MP 40.

The second squad is basically the same as the first, 8 Gerbigsjager, one with MG42. The Unterfeldwebel this time is armed with and STG-44 Assault Rifle. The heads are again the Warlord Games metals, and are just so much better than their normal plastic heads (see the Leutnant if you don't believe me)

The first support unit comes in the form of a sniper team, one spotter, one sniper. The spotter has been taken from the MG42 team, because he was much too cool a model to not have his own base! But also because he had a helmet on, so I decided that to differentiate the sniper team, they would have camo helmets on. The helmet on the plastic sniper figure is from the MG42 pack.

The second support team is a tripod mounted MG42, with three crew. Two crew are metals, with their heads swapped for peaked caps. The third crewman is another plastic Warlord Games soldier with a metal head.

The final support weapon is a simple retaliation to the LVT-2 spotted last week. It is only a matter of time until the Americans arm it with 50 calibre machine guns, so naturally the Germans needed to respond!

The PaK 40 is another Warlord Games model, with the addition of one plastic crewman. It was quite fun to paint actually, but it needs a bit more work put into it's base. I will get around to it at some stage.

So, that's all that is painted for the Germans at the moment, I have a few more things which I will finish up for them sometime in the future.

Friday will be our first test run of 6mm moderns, so much list frothing and rules making has been going on. Oh, and I have been trying to paint a ton of 6mm, so watch that counter keep going up (hopefully).



  1. Nice looking force there, like the use of the various heads


  2. They do look great Pooch.
    My 6mm battalion is coming along, beware the Krokodil!

  3. The poor wee Lynx and Gazelles, it's not fair to bring an attack helicopter against recon helos!

    You need to finish up your USMC!

  4. Don't worry I'm working on my LVT crewmen and mortar team.
    Semper Fi mac!

    What's fair, those things are armed.;-)

  5. The Gazelle aint! Poor wee bubble only has a radio!

    Mortar will be a cool wee addition too.

  6. Nice update!

    Looking forward to seeing a great deal more as well as the 6 mm moderns :)

  7. they looking really great