Monday, 4 June 2012

Southcon 2012- Part One- Pre Tournament

Southcon was at the weekend, and as previously blogged about, I chose to play Dystopian Wars.

Now, in keeping with my usual desire to have a fleet that no one else had, I emailed the local Dystopian supplier (Hobby Hub in Dunedin), to see what he had in stock for the French! Needless to say, I bought more than I needed, and got to assembling and preparing!

But along with that, I needed to make myself a fleet roster and write up some reason for them being there! This is what I came up with..

The Republique head to war...

Admiral Lestrade stared into the distant fog, mindlessly cleaning the pistol on the desk in front of him. It had been weeks since his small battle group had been detached from the Atlantic Fleet, to set sail for the southernmost colony of the Kingdom of Brittania, New Zealand. Since departing the safe haven of the ports at Brest, Lestrade’s fleet had been hard pressed evading Brittanian Air Patrols, FSA surface fleets and even Japanese vessels, none were to know that the French were beginning to exercise their authority in the Southern Seas.
The purpose for Lestrade’s sailing was simple. Sturginum deposits were recently discovered in abundance on the Southern Island of New Zealand. The Brittanians are firmly in control of the islands, having wrestled them from the Dutch many years ago. The Brittanian base at Christ’s Church was the target, the French taking aim at the fortress from the safe harbour of Port Louis-Philippe. The Brittanians had heavily defended Christ’s Church from naval attack, heavy costal batteries, mines, rocket emplacements and a substantial home fleet all awaited any would be attackers.
What the Brittanians could not expect, was a naval attack, from their rear. Through the use of the wondrous French technology, Admiral Lestrade would be able to lead his attack from his flagship, Libertē along with the cruisers Roland, Milan and Linois. This force would attack the Brittanian bastion over land, utilising their great advantage of flight. While this attack was made, a diversion would be made by the lighter vessels of the fleet, frigates and Epaulard submarines. The goal of this being to entice the defending fleet out to sea, where they would be destroyed by aircraft armed with torpedoes.
As Lestrade gazed into the fog, as the final piece of his pistol clicked into place, the order was given “nous attaquons”, we attack.

I kept in with the colour scheme I talked about in my last post, that borrowed off of a French Char B.

A bit of a tease of one Frigate showing off the three tone camo....

With the french fleet finished painting, all that was left was to see how they ran at the tournament! I was woefully underprepared- having NEVER played a game with the French before the first round, but I was excited to actually have 5 games straight of Dystopian, without being distracted by wanting to play other historical type games!

I will update with a Battle report, describing the rest of my Southcon later in the day; right now I have to sort through all my photos!


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