Monday, 25 June 2012

Force on Force- A Scandal in Bohemia

Adam and I managed to get in a game of Force on Force last week, with both of us using forces we decided to hurriedly paint as a bit of a challenge (you might notice a theme with me and painting times). But, it was good. I managed to get painted up... Lieutenant and Medic 2 8 Man Squads 1 3 man MG 42 team 1 2 man Sniper team
The medic, converted from a plastic Warlord Games grenadier. Sculpted the bag, armband and remodeled his arms to make for a more organic pose. It's not perfect, but I like it! Adam had got most of the same finished, but ran out of time to get it all done. So much mocking ensued, despite his claims that his marines' camo made it take longer. I just put it down to good German efficiency! As for the game, we decided to play the Top Malo House scenario from the FoF rules, subbing in Gerbigsjager for the British, and USMC for the Argentinians. We set up a table, showing off some of the lovely countryside of Bohemia, I mean it is historically awful anyway, so why not fight in the Czech countryside?
Another question is why is there an LVT-2 in a landlocked country? The German assault plan was simple, a great big right hook maneuver, while the MG 42 and the sniper fire support squads gave covering fire, hopefully pinning down the enemy! So, first activation, turn one. The sniper fire support team moves forward to the edge of cover, prepares to fire, and rolls a one for a Reaction test. The enemy squad in the building ahead gets first shot, and causes 4 Casualties, on a 4 man squad. I think they know we are here.... So with that resounding failure, it was up to the assault teams to continue to advance... An MG42 gunner observes the suspected enemy positions... With a building providing cover from the enemy firebase, the assaulting squads were able to make good ground up the right flank. The support squads continued to be peppered with enemy fire, both eventually succumbing to the sheer weight of fire against them! But, by this stage, an enemy squad had come forward to counter the big right hook...
Even odds, pity the Germans are D10 and have decided they like rolling 10's! The enemy blocking force was quickly dispatched with a combination of firepower and close assault (learn to love it remember), leaving the assault squad with a relativly clear run into the Top Malo House.
Well there is still 9 of us, how many of you are left? The centre of the board was being held by one solitary MG42 gunner, but he kept up unrelenting bursts of fire into the only enemy squad left, which proved enough to stop them from countering the grand assault into the Top Malo!
Foolish Marines, bringing cover for the Germans! By the end, the Top Malo was cleared, the USMC defeated and the honour of the Bohemians intact. Why the Marines were there? No one knows. Why it was the Gerbigsjager who were sent to oust them? Also unknown. All that is known, is that Force on Force gets more fun the more I play it. What's next? A Gazelle getting hunted by a Crocodile of course....
6mm moderns are a go! More on them, more on the Gerbigsjager and more posting, because I have been slack recently. Back to painting, CP


  1. Fun game!
    Glad we remembered about the defensive dice in time to save the chateau. No wait we didn't!
    Max number of Def dice is number of attacking dice.

  2. It might not have saved your building, the attacker can still roll lots. You just would have killed a couple in the way in I imagine.

    It actually would have helped me too- those short squads firing hail marys would have had less defensive dice against them.