Sunday, 26 August 2012

6mm Moderns- US Forces in West Germany

Just a quick little update.

I acquired a very large amount of 6mm US Moderns through a trademe deal a while ago, and as part of what I got, I acquired some M1 Abrams (not M1A1) and a whole ton of M113s.

With the focus (for me) being on forces from Desert Storm, the M113 was no longer used en-mass by the Americans at this stage, and the M1 (not the M1A1) was gone also.

So, what I did was paint them up as some forces for West Germany, just in case of a hypothetical Russian Invasion or some such!

12 M1 Abrams

14 M113 APC and 1 M577 Command Vehicle

M113s with heavy weapons! 3 M901 TOW carriers, 1 M193 Vulcan

2 M109A6 Paladin 155mm, 1 M577 and 1 M991 Ammo loader

So, those are my spare US 6mm vehicles. As for the "real" US Army? All the vehicles are done, aircraft are on the painting table, then the Infantry.

Although, there is a lot of stuff on the painting table...



  1. Nice looking vehicles there. I think we all have a lot on our painting tables LOL


  2. The First Pic. I think they are Challenger 2's, the hull does not look right where the drivers hatch is for an M1.
    Nicely painted minis though.