Friday, 10 August 2012

6mm Moderns Finished- For real this time!

I recently bought a whole lot of new additions for my Modern British army from both GHQ and Heroics and Ros. And, now they are all painted!

So here is the whole force...

Just one or two tanks....

So to break it down a bit more, I have...

A Company of Challenger 1 tanks. With a FV4204 recovery vehicle, and a Challenger II tank acting as the Regimental HQ tank.

A full Armoured Recon Company, with 2 Sultan, 1 Sampson Recovery Vehicle, 8 Scimitar Light Tanks, 4 Scorpion Light Tanks, 4 Striker and 4 Spartan APC.

Two understrength Companies of Infantry, with Regimental HQ teams

Support Weapons for the Infantry. MILAN ATGMs, Javelin MANPADs, 81mm Mortars and GPMG teams

Enough Warrior IFVs to transport one Company plus Support Weapons

As well as some mechanised support weapons- sadly the Swingfire missile system on top of an FV432 has largely gone out of service by our timeline.

A patrol of SAS Infantry with their Landrover transports

A 4 gun battery of M109A1 SP Howitzers

A battery of Royal Marine Artillery with 105mm guns

A Battery of ground mounted Rapier AA Missiles

As well as two Tracked Rapiers. These had to be taken from retirement in museums and other storage facilities to be put into action in the Gulf War, as they hadn't been replaced!

And one lone AS90 Braveheart SP Howitzer. The British Army's improved version of the M109, the Braveheart was equipped with a South African cannon, but did not end up in production, instead they opted for a local gun. Still, the AS90 looks cool!

Two Naval Aviation flights. The Lynx and the Gazelle are recon helicopters, with only the Lynx carrying armament in the form of TOW missiles. Their primary role is target acquisition, for the fast movers or for artillery, rather than being a gunship like a Cobra or Apache.

Lastly, a Harrier. Now, I said that I was finished this time, well, that is not totally true, I want another Harrier!

So that is the whole British force I have, and might go some way to explain how my 1/300th counter has gone a bit crazy of late! Still, got to finish the Americans next, then who knows, maybe an OPFOR for them? Russians? Iraqis? Chinese?

No idea. So very much on my painting table right now, so I am going to hide from it and go and have a game of 6mm Moderns. But more on that next time,



  1. Very nice. Those models are very crisp


    1. Thanks, certainly the quality of the GHQ models means that for very (very) little work, the models look very nice!

  2. Very nice work Chris! For fun I'm going to use this scale for Force on Force. It'll make it very economical to do city layouts.

    1. I contemplated it for Force on Force, but I just wonder if there will be too many things to manage? This like casualties within stands, damage to vehicles etc. The big perk of 6mm is the large armies you can field, but I find FoF a little more of a micro-managing type game? Not that there is anything wrong with that, I like FoF because of that nature, I am just thinking I wouldn't go smaller than 15mm for it.

      I will paint up some 15mm US for Ambush Valley, the M551 is one of my favorites!

      At any rate, it will be very easy to make city layouts for 6mm!

  3. Which rules will you use the 6mm figures for?

    I am surprised at how good the detail is on them to be honest :)

    Happy Gaming,


    1. We have modified the Epic Armageddon rules from Games Workshop to suit our own evil ends.

      I do highly recommend GHQ for the quality of miniatures, they are tops.

      If you are interested in our rules, I could send you through our mods if you wanted to give it a try.

  4. Nice work homey!
    Love the RM 105's and SAS Landy's.
    Also, the Cav.;-)

    1. Cav is the way to go. Always!

      The SAS are one of the things I am most excited about from the British list. They have so much potential to be awesome, but probably won't be!

      Looking forward to your USMC boys joining the fight!

  5. very cool i just can't bring myself to paint this size but they do look nice