Wednesday, 17 October 2012

15mm Vietnam Reinforcements

So along with painting a horde of Australian infantry, I was tinkering away with some 15mm Vietnam US stuff too.

Just a few transports!

2 M113 from Battlefront Miniatures. The 113 on the right has a couple of crew from Flashpoint miniatures- those two guys usually sit out of the door of a UH-1.

2 M113 ACAV vehicles, both from Battlefront miniatures. With the addition of two M60 machine guns with gun shields, the ACAV (Armoured Cavalry Vehicle) was used in a scouting role, but for fire support- it is not bad at all! One has a Mark 19 Grenader Launcher rather than a 50 cal heavy machine gun.

An M106 Mortar Carrier from Flashpoint Miniatures. I am not as keen on the Flashpoint miniatures as the Battlefront ones, the resin that they are made of didn't like paint adhering to it, even after I cleaned it twice. But, it's not all bad, it came out ok.

A Flashpoint miniatures Lieutenant. When Flashpoint get miniatures right, they really get it right. Some of the miniatures I won't use, but I do love this Lieutenant, and his style with the 45!

Another of the Flashpoint excellent miniatures, this one is a soldier carrying a wounded buddy out of trouble.

Two "Kit Carson" local guides. There were some Vietnamese who served with the US forces as scouts, interpreters, translators or as ambush detectors! They had a reputation for "disappearing" when the bullets started flying, but as scouts they were useful (it seems)at detecting ambushes. They are armed with the earlier M14 rifle, rather than the more modern M-16 rifle.

So, more stuff painted, but they aren't auzzies. Positive is that it will give me time to get to painting Australians right? Right?

More painting needs to be done...



  1. They're coming together nicely bro!
    Most 113's were modified with the ACAV gunshields at least by 69 or so. If not the whole kit.
    Those portee's are always cool to me for some reason.
    Probably because I like trucks...

  2. Yep, I am stoked with how my Nam stuff is coming together too! Next up is more stuff to make it Airmobile :)

    Not suprised they upgraded to the ACAV kit, any armour would be worthwhile!

    Good spotting on the portees, they are super cool!

  3. Excellent work, Chris! I was wondering about the quality of the Battlefront 113's and now I know. Thanks!