Saturday, 13 October 2012

Royal Australian Armoured Corps Part Three- Foreign Tanks!

So, there were too many pictures for the last blog post (apparently that is possible), so I had to curtail a couple and leave them to make a 3rd post, this time with a few foreign tanks!
The Hall of Russian Vehicles. I don't think it is actually called that, but I think it should be!
A Type 69 II Battle tank. An uparmoured Chinese copy of the T-55, these are a frequent opponent of mine in 6mm! Plus, this one has the same camo scheme as the ones I fight!
The underside of a T-72M looking as imposing as possible! Another of my frequent opponents in 6mm, was cool to see it close up! Pity the sun decided to not let me get good photos...
An OT-64 APC. Of Czech design, these were widely exported to the middle east and other areas.
The Type 59 MBT. Another Chinese copy, the Type 59 was very much outclassed by other western MBTs, but if they didn't have tanks, they could cause serious problems for infantrymen! Widely exported tank.
Another Czech APC, this time an OT-62. Main difference to the OT-64? Tracks not wheels.
Now, onto the Swedish! This is an S-Tank. Representing a totally different concept in tank design, the S-Tank has a very low silhouette, a powerful gun and very fine maneuverability to allow it to align itself to ambush the expected marauding Soviet Tanks. Similar in concept to the German StuG series, the S-Tank takes it to a whole new level of performance, armour and reliability. Oh and it can do this..
More shots of the S-Tank.
More S-Tank! Well, that is it, all my photos pretty much from the Armoured Corps Museum. Very very cool collection there, I was very impressed. So what of my Australian painting? Well...
Painting continues... CP

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