Saturday, 20 October 2012

Conquest 2012- All good to go!

On Thursday night I was able to finish off the basing on my Australians, so they are all good to go!

I have had these Australians since For King and Country came out a very long time ago. That was the real reason to get these guys painted, to start actually trying to clear out the stuff in my cupboards!

So a lot of infantry in Slouch Hats. Now, this is a bit ahistoric, the Australians are no idiots, so when they went in to combat they were ALL sure to put on a tin hat, despite their pride in their slouch hat, they knew that a helmet might just save their lives.

But they look cool, so here they are!

The Completed Army, ready to go!

First Rifle Platoon

Second Rifle Platoon

Third Rifle Platoon

Mortar Platoon

Carrier Patrol

25pdr Battery (From my Valleycon Army this year)

A platoon of Divisional Cavalry Stuarts. The Australian Div Cav had a whopping 3 Stuarts, the rest were Crusaders II by this point. Prior to that they had captured Italian tanks and Bren Gun carriers!

The Stuart Platoon Commander, showing off his slouch hat

The 6pdr platoon dismounted

The 6pdr platoon mounted up on their portee trucks

Company CO and 2iC. The miniature is the Charles Upham model, I figured a commander throwing grenades would put me in the right frame of mind for what I wanted him to do!

Destroyed Valentine objective. Last seen as part of my Valleycon army...

A knocked out Crusader objective

So that is my Auzzies. But, the Tournament Organiser had a problem last week, that there were not enough allied players. So an allied army had to be found! I sortof remembered that I had a Light Tank Company lurking in a box somewhere, and figuring it would be in good nick, thought I could lend it out. When I found the box on Wednesday night, they were not in good shape at all.

So two frantic nights painting, and this is the result, ANOTHER 1600 point army!

Lots of Stuarts, some Grants and Shermans, a Motor Platoon and Limited Hurricanes. Fast, Direct and to the point!

A close up on a Grant

A close up on the Company Commander Stuart, showing off his national pride! Or making sure he doesn't get strafed by the Hurricanes...

Now I managed to find something while I was searching for the Stuarts. So let's compare. Above, is an Australian Platoon Commander, painted in 2012. Not my finest work, but still pretty reasonable I think.

Below is one of my Rifle teams from my Conquest army in 2002. Notice a difference?

Bit of a change isn't it?

Oh, and I had a game of Dystopian Wars last night with Jason too- was super fun. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Dystopian Wars, and last nights game culminated in pretty much EVERYTHING being boarded and prized! All large ships were prizes, and there were only 3 Mediums left which had any marines left!

Off to Conquest now,

Auzzie Auzzie Auzzie!



  1. The Aussies look(ed) great Poochie


  2. Great looking troops mate!
    Auzzie, Auzzie , Auzzie!

    Who played that tank horde?

    Good effort for a week.8P

  3. Nice Aussies, seems they did quite well at the event too.