Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Epic Moderns- Israeli Incursion Repulsed!

It had been a long time coming, but it was time to break out the 6mm Moderns again!

This time it was a full 4000 points of Israelis against a defensive force of Soviets.

The Israelis had invaded one of the (many) Soviet client states, the invasion led by one of their heavy armoured formations based around numerous M60 tanks, and under the cover of the IAF.

To counter this massive armoured thrust, the Soviets sent a large detachment of Naval Infantry, supported by T-72 tanks. Also attached were elements of the 3rd Guards Tank Regiment, One full company of T-72s, three companies of T-55, with a mechanised company in BMP-1s in support.

A leading tank company was deployed forward in the centre, with two Recon platoons in BMP tracked vehicles holding the urban area on the Soviet right flank.

The opening blasts of Soviet Artillery and Air Support ushered in the battle, causing few casualties among the enemy Anti-Aircraft and Tank formations.

The Israelis were quick to respond, causing massive casualties among the lead tank platoon which had adopted the forward position in the centre. Thankfully for their supporting companies they had managed to cause a smokescreen to protect the tanks advancing behind them.

The lead company was annihilated by the combined fire of two Israeli tank companies, TOW equipped M113s.

The IAF made their force felt first onto the Soviet artillery, a flight of F-16 aircraft equipped with missiles destroyed the entire artillery battery, then two flights of AH-1 Cobra gunships unleashed punishing fire onto the Naval Infantry company destroying their supporting tanks and some of their transports.

The return AA fire was totally underwhelming as all aircraft were able to escape.

It was at this point that Nicholai Valivesky and his BMP recon units sought to push the advantage, deciding to stall the massive formation of Israeli Paratroopers outside of the city, lest they get inside the protective walls. Valivesky brought his guns onto the enemy anti-aircraft units, destroying multiple enemy AA vehicles.

Vengeance was quick in coming, the full force of the paratrooper company was unleashed onto Valivesky and his men. Merkava tanks, Paratroop infantry and heavy armoured personell carriers destroyed the small unit, but crucially their advance was stalled outside of the city.

Return fire was enacted for Valivesky from a full Guards Armoured Tank Company of 10 T72 tanks, destroying first the enemy Merkava tanks, then beginning to systematically destroy the enemy transport, stranding the paratroopers outside the city limits.

The T-72 tanks supporting the Naval Infantry joined in the firing at the Paratrooper company, totally destroying the enemy transport. By this time, weight of fire had begun to toll onto the paratroopers, and once a third tank company, this time of T-55s joined the firing at the paratroopers, the paratrooper company was totally destroyed.

The Cobras rolled in onto the tanks, but to no avail, the damage was done. A full tank company of M60 tanks attacked the T-55s at close range. The Israelis were hampered by the close in fighting among the buildings, while able to destroy the lead T-55 tanks, they were quickly flanked and overwhelmed by the so called inferior T-55 vehicles.

The area outside of the city was filled with smoke and burning wrecks of tanks. Somewhere, in the centre of the smoke was Valivesky and his 4 BMPs.

With the end of the Paratroopers and their supporting Tank Company, the road was clear for the Naval Infantry BMPs to rush forward and claim the enemy Blitz objective.

With that, the battle was won for the Soviets. The Israelis engaged into attacks to attempt to push the Soviets off the objective, but the Soviet tank forces were too strong, and the Israelis were unable to recapture the objective.

Another really cool game of Moderns, I think our best yet! Our rules are coming along really well, little tweaks left now and it will be great!



  1. Cool write up and fun game!
    Great pictures too, better than mine.;-)
    We are really close.

    1. We are really close, the latest update is going to be really good.

      We just need to find time to play it!

  2. Replies
    1. Andy has outdone himself. Which is great, because now we have a really good standard to keep adding things from!

      I think Adam and Jason are both planning cool new additions to the table....