Friday, 9 November 2012

X-Wing: Because getting to say Pew Pew is cool

Lately in addition to the large amount of work I have been putting into 6mm Moderns (new rules, new armies), I have been playing a fair few games of the Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing rules (link), and on the whole, have found them awesome!

The rules themselves are pretty easy to pick up- you have attack dice and defense dice, you have a little dial that you can spin to work out how far you move. X-Wings have shields and better guns, but at TIE is ridiculously maneuverable and are dirt cheap, so there are lots of them!

I have been finding that it gets really interesting when both players are clued up to the rules. The games then become faster, pretty brutal and an actual test of tactics, I think it is like SAGA in that the game itself is simple, but the interactions etc is where the tactics (and interest) comes in.

Another plus for me is that the miniatures are really nice!

Here are some shots from different games we have had.

A TIE Fighter ready to begin the engagement

The X-Wing in this case is somewhat outnumbered (1-4 odds, that's about the ratio in the movies?)

A close up on an X-Wing

Adam an I have often found ourselves caught in a "furball" of fighters, this is before every aircraft initiates an Immelmann Turn to re engage.

Darth Vader with Red Pilot (posthumously named Mook) hot on his tail. Mook later exploded, but not long after Darth exploded too!

So, a very cool game. Nice and simple, but really fun. Comics (the Local Gaming Store) is going to (or thinking of?) running a 60 point competition, so I have been tinkering away at what would be the most fun to run.

5 Academy pilot (not even graduated yet) TIE Fighters would be wrong right?


FOW tomorrow, time to break out my Masters list.



  1. Nice post. I'm really enjoying X-Wing too. It seems pretty popular.

    Yeah, the pilots are slow, but a rookie Academy Pilot rolls the same number of dice as the elite pilots. I'm planning on fielding the Tie-spam sometime. Eight Tie Fighters at 100 points. Nasty.

    1. I am really enjoying it. Enough stuff going on that I don't get bored, but not so complicated that I can play it when I am braindead on a Thursday night.

      8 TIEs? 8? That is SCARY. The poor 4 ships you are fighting...

      I am thinking for 60 points 2 X-Wings will be the way to go

  2. I had a quick game and it was a lot of fun. I will have to browse the net to find a good supplier of tie fighters and more.