Monday, 12 November 2012

FOW Masters 2012- Where I am at....

*So, with all the tournaments I have been attending lately, and by virtue of doing alright in them, I have qualified for the NZ Masters FOW tournament.

Now it does sounds a bit self-proclaiming to talk about the masters, and I haven't really had any interest in it whatever. I attended a couple of years ago, and did really enjoy myself- but it all harks back to why I enjoy wargaming, the playing against enjoyable people!

So, my attempt to make myself sound like less of a %$#( by going to masters, on to the real list stuff.

There has been a whole lot of list frothing going on for the last month or so, this is what I had come up with..

Kampfgruppe Peiper

HQ- Two Kingtiger
Schwere Platoon- Kingtiger
Panzer Platoon- 4 Panzer IV
Panzer Platoon- 4 Panzer IV
SP AA Platoon- 3 Wirblewinds
Recon Platoon- 3 234/1

So, all armour, all Fearless Trained. Lots of big tanks, lots of little tanks and hopefully enough to keep me entertained!

So I took it to our FOW day yesterday (craig's report) to see how it would fare.

The first game was Surrounded, against Lionel, who was running Romanian Tanks. To sum up this game, everything in his army rolled Confident Veteran. Good. Plus we were playing the surrounded mission, I should have auto attacked, but didn't realise I had it, or didn't think about it. As it was, I really should have attacked!

Or I should have painted my Kingtigers...

As it was, the Kingtigers kept failing firepower rolls and then I kept failing motivation tests. On a 3+. Super...


So although I killed a few things, including assaulting Lionels artillery with Recon vehicles (awesome), I eventually died, and lost the objective.

So not a good start for the Kings!

Game two was against Keith, who was running a heavily reinforced company of Strelkovy.

We played a cauldron, with Keith defending. He deployed a whole lot of strelkovy in buildings, with some ISU-122s in a forest to keep my tanks honest. The game started auspiciously, I lost a Kingtiger in the first assault!


But from there, it was all German, all the time. Keith was unable to respond to my massive firepower (3 Wirblewinds firing directly into buildings while stationary!) and I just kept passing my firepower rolls. Which more or less meant the end of Keith!

No reserves prevented any last ditch efforts by Keith to change the result. A 5-2 win to the Germans.

It was at this point that I decided that KINGTIGERS ARE BORING! I have this issue frequently, and I am glad I realised this before time!

So I went home, and changed the army to US Paratroopers!

And they were a whole lot more fun. Chris W and I had a game, where his Kampfgruppe Kastner were attacking the Paras in a Fighting Withdrawl. He advanced his 4 StuH 42 assault guns too far forward, and they only got one round of shooting before they were ambushed first by the M18 Hellcats, then by a full platoon of US Paratroopers!

Needless to say, they all died. Then that platoon of paras proceeded to fight off no less than 2 full platoons of infantry, with the 3rd platoon being mangled in the attempt to destroy them. They died to a man, but they held up the enemy infantry assault so long that the other 2 platoons didn't lose a single stand!

The part which was the most fun was 2 platoons of 4 recon jeeps, who went off machinegunning the enemy gun teams. PaK 40s, mortars, they were all shot by the heavy calibre bullets.

So Masters is coming up, and I need to make a choice about what to take. I have a day at home tomorrow, so I plan to give it some serious thought, need to work out which I like the most!

But more on that tomorrow,


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  1. I have often been tempted to get some KTs, as the model is wonderfully intimidating - I am just unsure I would ever use them in a game - they are just so expensive points-wise - you could take heaps of other stuff instead of them!