Saturday, 7 January 2012

But what of Ze Germans?

For those who don't get the title reference, you really should see the movie A Bridge Too Far, and marvel at Gene Hackman's polish accent.

But What of Ze Germans? Here are some I painted a couple of days ago...

First up are some Late War German tank hunters. We have 2 PaK 40 guns (the only ones I own...), as well as one man with a Panzerfaust who will be used as the Warrior team from Stalin's Onslaught.

The last base is a new Company Command team, because this happened to the old one...
Apparently my puppy, Jose, found quite a liking to the taste of Kraut!

So, with Valleycon being Early War, I need to paint a few things for that too (by few, I mean a whole lot)
Some 253 8-rads, cruising the road; mainly because if the road was not there, they would be totally invisible! Perfect German Grey camo!
Here is a much, much smaller AT weapon than the ones earlier, a little PaK 36- not too bad early war, absolutely horrible at any other time. Known to the Germans as the "door-knocker" due to having about as much effect as knocking on a door to an enemy tank! Along side the PaK is two Anti-Tank Rifle teams for my infantry platoons.
Last up, is 3 new command stands. I needed new ones, because most of my other ones have guys with Panzerfausts on their bases! Not at all appropriate for early war....

Oh, I was meant to do a Dystopian Wars update... Sometime? Promise!

Back to the painting table...


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  1. Looking good man, you have inspired me to make a start on my krauts!

    You close to 500pts for the ting challenge yet