Friday, 13 January 2012

New Zealand 4th Armoured Division

Well, here is my 1200 point force for Day of Days this year, the New Zealand Armoured!

Now, in keeping with the "Ironman Challenge"- I had to choose a force that was either mechanised or tank based. This all stemmed from Jamie pointing out the proliferation of "tough" infantry forces- and the players running them not taking any risks with the lists!
1200 points, in all it's glory!

So, for 1200 points, what do I get?

Company HQ- 2 Sherman M4A2, 1 AA 50 cal HMG
Tank Platoon- 3 M4A2 Sherman
Tank Platoon- 3 M4A2 Sherman
Company HQ- Tank numbers 15 and 16

First Platoon- Tank Numbers 3, 4 and 5

Second Platoon- Tanks 6,7 and 8
So that is 1200 points. To bring it up to the 1750 needed for Warclouds (if i go) I needed to add yet more stuff!
Sherman OP Tank (left) and an extra Company HQ Sherman- number 17
An M32 Tank Recovery Vehicle
'The story goes that the 4th armoured had only wheeled recovery vehicles on their Order of Battle, but the terrain in Italy demanded the need for something more capable! The 20th Armoured Regiment came upon a suspicious looking haystack in their advance in Italy, lo and behold an armoured recovery vehicle was inside, bogged down! So once the kiwis had pulled it out under sporadic mortar fire, they painted over the allied star and then it was theirs! Eventually the Americans wanted it back, but the 20th managed to keep it. Once the 20th had gotten theirs, the other armoured regiments got one through far more legitimate means!'
Three Stuart V Jalopies- Tank Numbers 4,5 and 6
The Stuart Light tank had been in service since the desert war, acting as a light tank, but by late war was relegated totally to a recon role. The 37mm turret was removed, to produce the Jalopy. This gave it better cross country performance (due to the reduced weight). Defense was kept with a 50 cal HMG, which the Kiwis put with a gun shield (borrowed in this case from a BF ACAV kit). 

Hope you like them! Need more stuff for Warclouds, need to paint more for Valleycon and then I did this last night....
This will be my infantry aces army! More on this over the weekend...

Having 3 flames of war armies on the go at once is a good idea right?



  1. Uggh. Infantry aces too? That one had slipped my mind. Too many games!

    The kiwis are looking good. Will east AR PzGren for Breakfast...unless I hide lots.

  2. Na, you just need to focus Jamie- you only need to kill 4 Shermans... or better yet 2 shermans + 2 stuarts!

    This is going to be a mech-fest!


  3. No Stuarts at DoD- so it is just 4 Shermans!

  4. Focus? Lol I'll be too busy trying to remember the rules!

    In the game I was just playing, I could hide light ATGs in the wood and spot with recon to get first shots vs enemy armour.

    You can do that in FOW too right, it isn't LESS realistic than an xbox game, surely? :P

  5. Lol- not yet but who knows in 2 months

    2 more form Wellington keen (28 all up!) so looks like I'll get to play, possibly allied now though