Friday, 6 January 2012

Hello 2012

Happy New Year!

So, with the beginning of 2012, I have returned from my sojurn up north, and have powered back into wargaming.
Centurion Tank at the Waiouru Army Museum, with some doofus in front of it....
So, in terms of the painting challenge. At this exact point, I am a bare 800 points away from the leader Kent (go NZ!). He has been likened to a painting version of the Terminator; but Kent has never seemed Austrian enough to pull that off. I like to think of him as akin to Robocop, his painting life tragically cut down by gangsters, he was rebuilt to become a mesh of human and robot components optimised to produce great work, incredibly fast.

So, my excuse for not winning the painting challenge? The winner is a cyborg.

But I have managed to get some painting in at any rate, here are the completed 69th South Lincolnshire Regiment.
The regiment itself
The poor skirmisher out by himself!
So with them completed, I only have ONE small infantry unit to get finished before my Guards British army is completed! Well, until I want to run some different support. Which I probably will. But I will at least have enough to have a game!

Right, so on the painting table now is some 15mm Germans, some 15mm Kiwis, some Stukas...

Oh and this arrived....

Looks like I am going to be a busy boy!

Some info on Dystopian Wars tomorrow, and some more painted stuff....



  1. The Napoleonics look great Chris.

  2. Those Brits are looking good. We really must get a Lasalle game in Pooch- how is Martin's French force coming along?

    And I agree, Kent is definitely part cyborg!


  3. Not sure about Martins force, I was going to catch up with him sometime this month. A game is definitely on- perhaps in the next week or two? I do need that last unit, but that wouldn't take long!

    I do aim to please Rodger!