Sunday, 15 January 2012

Clearing the Cupboard- a FOW Challenge for 2012

Well, with the world ending this year in December, I thought that I should at least get something finished!

Like all wargamers, I have collected cupboards filled with wargaming miniatures, armies I planned to complete but never did, additions I never saw the need to finish or just never got around to doing! Most of it is additions to armies, I tend to build an army specific for a tournament (Kiwi Sherman's case and point), but end up with a smattering of other units which I plan to add, but never seem to do.

So, in speaking with Jason, we agreed that we should work on our horrendous backlog of miniatures! He is starting with Germans, here is the list of what I am looking at.

1) US Beach Assault Company- I have had these for ages, and I will use them for the Infantry Aces Campaign coming up.
2) More Kiwis- Infantry, Artillery, Tank Hunters
3) US Infantry- M18 Hellcats, Another Infantry Platoon, P-38 Lightnings, M3 Halftracks
4) Germans- 15cm SiGs, 7 251/7D's, Panzer IVs (I would like a company of them), an Early War army (Kradschutzen!)
5) British- More additions for my Guards Rifle Company- Carriers, Typhoons, Pioneers, 25pdrs...
6) US Paratroopers- I want these on rubble bases, with snow, and there needs to be more of them done.

That is enough of a starting point to keep me out of trouble I reckon! The world is meant to end on the 21st of December- I reckon I can have my backlog cleared by then!

First up, the Beach Assault Company- Look on Analogue Hobbies for the first bit of them, the second update will be up on here tomorrow afternoon....

Back to the painting table,


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  1. Best of luck with your commitment to reducing the Lead mountain ;-)