Friday, 2 March 2012

Day of Days 2012- Kiwi's Big Weekend Out

Well, over the weekend my 4th Armoured Kiwi's went for a wee outing down to Timaru, to try to take Italy. Coming along for the ride (or leading the charge) was the 22nd Motor Brigade, supported by the Royal Horse Artillery- In the form of 8 Priests!

My list was simple,
HQ- 2 Shermans, 1 with a 50 cal
Tank Platoon- 3 Shermans
Tank Platoon- 3 Shermans

Nick's had a little more finesse!
HQ with smoking mortars
2 Motor Platoons
Carriers with an ungodly number of MGs
8 Priests

Ok, so not much more finesse, but it had more than the 8 shermans did!

So how did the games go? Well, Nick and I managed to win the first game, and then we progressivly got worse and worse at rolling dice. Things like failing 8 out of 8 Sherman tank saves, frontally to Panzer III's (yep, that would be 8 1's and 2's) followed by him rolling ALL the firepowers (all 4+) made it pretty hard!

But, that being said, Nick and I gave ourselves the best possible chances to win each game, we just managed to NOT roll the dice we needed at critical points, and somehow we made it so that our opponents were able to do the opposite!

The most telling statistic? I played 4 games, with 8 sherman tanks each game. So out of 32 Sherman tanks used in the tournament, I had 28 destroyed. Not run away, actually destroyed. The remaining 4 actually survived the games!

Thanks firstly to our opponents Craig, Ian, Nigel, Dale, David, Tony, Stephen and Noel, I did enjoy our 4 games! Then a huge thanks to Craig for getting DoD sorted, I think we are on to a winning formula with what we have here, we are already tweaking things for next years DoD- Alamein baby!

Now, lots of photos of the weekend

All in all, a fun weekend. Next up? Tonight I will post about Achilles' first run around...