Monday, 5 March 2012

SAGA Trojan War- If Achilles goes down to the woods today he is sure for a big suprise...

And that suprise is.... A trojan spear to the face. Repeatedly.

So, Achilles in his hubris from his previous victory over the cunning Odysseus thought that he would go for a gentle stroll through the forests surrounding Troy with a few of his best buddies, maybe stopping for a nice wine amongst the trees. A lovely sunday stroll one might say.

Quickly, into stroll formation!

Tragically, Hector was also out for a stroll. Except his stroll was not leisurely, it was instead murderous!

From a tactical point of view, the less said about the games the better, in short, everything I learned from my game against Odysseus I forgot. I charged things off blindly, I didn't keep my battle line in formation, and in short, I kept getting Achilles killed!

For his part, Hector was most obliging to take advantage of my tactical ineptitude, the Trojan bow armed warriors were enacting a horrific toll onto my warriors, quite simply refusing to miss, while I refused to hide behind a shield (damn cowardly that is).

But, there were some highlights, my 8 strong unit of Myrmidon Elites kept up their impressive killing streak, ably seeing off larger units of warriors and causing many, many casualties.

What do you mean "we missed one?"

And now some more pics of the Myrmidons in action...

Achilles did serve himself pretty well, I need to remember that he has more abilities than just the "no fatigue" aspect. It is interesting at any rate to run around with some cool looking hoplites.

Back to the painting board, working on a SAGA Dark Ages army....


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  1. Awesome stuff, thank you and keep coming with these, will be back again.