Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Analogue Hobbies Recap

So, the painting challenge ended on the 20th, bringing to a close 3 months of hard work sloging away at the painting table!

This is what I finished in 28mm....

From left to right-
- Germans, Australians and Americans for WW2 Force on Force gaming.
- Greeks for SAGA and Impetvs
- Irish for SAGA
- 1 Artillery unit, 1 Infantry unit, Duke of Wellington and Casualty markers for Lasalle

And in 15mm...

From left to right..

- Early War British Infantry Tank Company
- 1st (US) Infantry Division Beach Assault Company
- British Late War Artillery Battery with Transports
- German units- Kradschutzen, Panzer III's, Stukas, Pak 36s, Pak 40s, 15cm SiG guns
- NZ 4th Armoured Regiment Sherman tank Company

So, just a wee bit painted in 3 months!

The voting is up on Analogue Hobbies (here)so have a vote for your favourite- and if in doubt, vote my Irish!

Shameless plug over, back to painting Greeks.



  1. That's a pretty impressive tally for 3 months Chris.

  2. Excellent amount of work achieved!

  3. On vacation and just catching up on people's blogs... Excellent work here, Chris. It was great to be able to provide an impetus encouraging people to get stuff done - and that you certainly did!
    - Curt