Saturday, 24 March 2012

SAGA Irish Completed

As part of the Analogue Painting Challenge, I set about finishing off an army to use for SAGA in the Dark Ages. As part of my usual goal to use an army which other people don't have meant that I wasn't going to go for the usual Vikings!

So instead, I chose to make an Irish army, using Crusader Miniatures from War and Peace Games.

This is the 6 point SAGA Warband as a whole, but here are some closer shots.

Two shots of my Warlord Cu Eion, with his loyal retainers. There is also a poor unfortunate saxon who has been on the recieving end of Cu Eion's axe! The command is from Crusader, the saxon is from Gripping Beast.

Two units of Irish Nobles with big axes. I decided early on that my nobility would have tartan patterns- and each would of course have their own style given their own houses, so after a bit of a google search, I was able to find some easy to replicate patterns! All are historical, especially the ugly ones!

Here are two units of 8 warriors- the first "Shirts", the second "Skins" so I can tell them apart! I chose a simple colour palatte for the 16 as a whole, just to keep them looking like a whole force.

My next unit of warriors is something unique- they are Irish Wolfhounds! I will split them into two groups of four, to combine with the other warrior units to have nice big units of 12.

And lastly, probably my favourite of the army, my levy. They are a combination of Crusader and Warlord Games miniatures. They are a combination of women and children, some far more scary than others! The kid with the sling is probably one of my absolute favourites.

Overall, I am really happy with how the army has turned out as a whole. I like the Crusader Miniatures, so much so that I am already looking at the next army from them!

As for painting- time for more Greeks I think! A proper write up about the challange tomorrow I think.



  1. Very nice painting on these guys Chris. What do you think of the Saga rules. I have heard a lot of good stuff about them but haven't seen them.

  2. Nice work, Chris.

    Really keen to get a game in soon.

  3. Fabulous painting; they all look so good. The tartan'd guys looks exceptional. Best, Dean

  4. I like SAGA Rodger, it is a nice simple rule set, with the battle boards to make the game really interesting. Basically the game really is how the battle boards interact, and what dice you roll on them.

    Thanks for the kind words, I have painted all the Irish I own now, so it will be onto Greeks next!

  5. They look great Chris- nice owrk on the tartans.

    I look forward to seeig the Greeks