Wednesday, 4 April 2012

More Hoplites!

Over the past week or so, I have been chipping away at getting some more Immortal Games Greek Hoplites painted up. The reason? Well, I have previously mentioned that I like SAGA, so having more warriors for that is all good, but the real reason is to use them in Impetvs. And the first step for that is that I needed more hoplites!

This is another unit of 12 Hoplites. They are the "blue" unit (contrasting to the previous red and green units). They are painted the same as the other hoplites that I have already done, they are only missing the Army Painter tufts of grass, which I ran out of! More are on the way shortly, which will solve that problem. For SAGA, this unit represents another 1.5 points of Warriors, and for Impetvs it will break into two bases of FP Hoplites.

This is another 6 hoplites, or one base of FP in Impetvs. I actually have run out of Hoplites again, I would like another 6 for this unit, so that I can run a full 48 Warriors in SAGA! At any rate, this is the "yellow" unit. The plan is with the 5 different colours (yellow, red, blue, green, black) is to mix them all together for Impetvs so that the Hoplites look nice and colourful, which is what they would have historically been. I quite like the Yellow unit, the mustard-ish yellow makes for a nice subtle contrast with the off-white armour.

Just a quick little update today, come back tomorrow for another "On Heroic Greek Characters"!



  1. Lovely stuff, Chris! The yellow really pops someo f these shield designs.

  2. I think that yellow is my favourite too, which meant that I needed more hoplites so I could paint more!

    Glad you like them, thanks for the kind words!