Saturday, 28 April 2012

Two Warlords and a Greek Horseman walk into a pub...

And then a joke ensues.

Amid the chaos of my useless joke, I managed to get some painting done over the last few days! I have been tinkering away at about 4 projects at once, so I finally managed to finish some of them!

First Warlord up?

The free Scottish Warlord that came with my copy of SAGA Northern Fury from Gripping Beast. I did a really close up shot of his face, to show the fact that I was trying to copy this guy...

I am pretty happy with how it looks, was a bit tricky because the whole model has so many other colours, that the blue didn't stand out! I had to tinker with the colours a little (and with much frustration). All in all, I like him!

And a shot of his chainmail...

Warlord Number 2 is a mounted Greek Hero, from 1st Corps Miniatures.

At the start, I was skeptical about this guy, but he turned out actually pretty good! I did only little modifications, so that head with a fantastic face is all 1st Corps' doing, I might not like their helmets, but I really like their bare heads!

The only modification I did do was on his helmet, I swapped the face of the helmet from a later, more Attic style helm, for the same atypical Greek helmet of the rest of my force.

Now, lastly there is a Greek Horseman from 1st Corps. This is the chap who was modified by me (linky) and I did finally get him all painted up.

I am pretty happy with how he looks, the 1st Corps horses are really nice, no scaling issues etc.

Now, back to painting...... must... finish.... projects....



  1. Nice looking Gibson :)! Love that shield design on mounted Greek. Best, Dean

  2. Very nice work there Chris.

  3. Those look effing brilliant mate.
    Love the helmet mod.

    I'm having trouble with my SAGA warband hero. Need inspiration. I know know wah wah...

    But the warband is nearly ready to rock!

  4. Need inspiration for a SAGA hero? Surely there is an old Ukranian tale of a great Warlord you can copy!

    Nearly ready to rock aye? My Irish are always up for a scrap!N

  5. Yeah, it'll be Rurik's brothers who may or may not have existed due to a language problem.;-)