Monday, 30 April 2012

Tempest 2012- The 82nd Airborne on the Attack!

This weekend was a one day, 4 game competition here; called Tempest. It was expertly run (as ever), and with some great terrain on tables, smaller armies it made for 4 games in one day!

I was running the US Paratroopers from the North Africa book.

Company HQ- 2 Bazookas
2 Full Strength Paratrooper Platoons
A Parchute Mortar Platoon
Two M10 Tank Destroyers
Limited Kittyhawk Air Support

And how did it go?

Well, the Kittyhawks were really... useless. When they decided to turn up (game 1 it took 15 dice before even ONE plane turned up...), the enemy was near the woods, making me have to roll to spot, which just didn't work. As a contrast, the Stukas I faced in my last game were far, far more deadly! Poor little paratroopers in the open...

The M10s were a wonderful deterrent, not really killing anything, but making people avoid, and be a bit more careful with how they played.

As for the Paratroopers, they did everything that it said on the box. They killed tanks, killed infantry, took a very long time to die, and then even when there were 2 stands, they still kept on killing things!

A particular favorite was the 3rd game, where my opponent and I had a total of 11 elements left between us, but I had 6, where he had 5, so I won!

All up, won 3 of the 4 games, ran out of time to win the first game! But, such is life, and is my own fault really. So, a respectable 3rd, the top 3 placings were all on 3 wins, it was just a point or two that separated it!

Anyway, lots of photos...

So, lots of fun was had, another well run comp! Had to do a little painting to get my Paratroopers ready, was quite fun. Perhaps it is time to finish off the rest?

But that would be distracting me from my other 5 or so projects...


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  1. It was indeed a great day.

    That's a great shot of Dave's T70s