Monday, 2 April 2012

The SAGA of Cu Eion

Jamie and I managed to get a couple of games of SAGA in yesterday, giving my Irish army it's first proper run around! We played the "battle of the ford" scenario since Jamie has some lovely river terrain, it was only right to use it!

So it was Ragnar Hairy Pants against the Irish (Republican) Army of Cu Eion, fighting over pillaging rights for some poor Welsh farmers!

The left flank of the Viking battleline, viewed from the Irish lines across the ford.

How did the first game go? Well, on one flank, the Irish surged across the ford, adopting human wave style tactics.

Where they met some Vikings....

Who they then proceeded to slaughter through cunning use of Javelins and other such pointy sticks.

On the other flank, it was the Vikings who surged across, led by their warlord, Ragnar!

But after a hail of Javelins, there were suddenly less Vikings on the ford....

So Cu Eion himself led a glorious charge against Ragnar, seeking him out in singular combat! Actually, that is not entirely true, Cu Eion "might" have brought some friends along....

But the result was without doubt, Cu Eion has crossed the ford, ready to pillage the Welsh countryside!

Sadly however, Ragnar had not been slain, he had gotten away! It was not long before the foul Viking had returned to claim the pillaging rights once again...

The second game was no less brutal, Ragnar had stacked his right flank, seeking to crush a hammer blow through the Irish lines. Battle was once again joined on the ford....

But again, the superior numbers and large amount of javelins took a heavy toll upon the Vikings.

Before long, there were only a few Viking warriors, fleeing for their lives away from the rampaging army of Cu Eion!

So, two engagements over the fords, two victories for Cu Eion! Admittedly, he didn't roll badly but the combination of large numbers of javelins and use of some of the battleboard abilities meant that the Vikings were weakened when they got over the ford, so the superior numbers of the Irish could bring them down! I do really enjoy SAGA, it is a good, simple beer and pretzel style game. Plus I do really like my Irish army!

Until next time, for now, the ford is mine!



  1. Everyone seems to like SAGA, rather a good sign. Looks like you had a good time, though winning I am sure helped


  2. I like to think my enjoyment isnt dependant on winning, whether that is true or not I am not totally sure!

    It certainly helps that I really like the army I painted. But, over the long term I think Saga might not be as enjoyable, I can see myself getting lazy and sticking to a winning combination! Other gamers will have to poke me with a pointy stick to make sure I try new things!

  3. Hi Chris,

    Cheers for the game. Those damnable (Welsh) Irish sure are hard to pin down! I'm itching to try the Anglo-Danes vs them now, they always seem to 'click' a little better for me.

    I'm sure you are always going to have the urge to try new things, with Saga. There is always that voice in that tells us we could have that new warband painted up in no time...

  4. I would love to have a crack vs Anglo-Danes, perhaps next week?

    True about the urge for new armies, apparently Northern Fury is on its way to me now, that can only result in more Saga armies!

    Greeks first....