Monday, 28 May 2012

28mm Zombie Hunters

My Southcon fleet has been finished, but Spartan have taken me up on my offer of putting some of my doodles and random writings for their own website. So, the fleet will be up on there soon, so I apologize but you will have to wait!

To distract you then from the fact that I am not showing off the French just yet, here are some Zombie Hunters from Hasslefree Miniatures that I finished up last night.

These two guys, are obviously based off of these two guys...

Once I saw that Hasslefree sold these minis, I just knew I had to have them! One of my favourite movies, represented in 28mm? Perfect. Here they are close up.

The bases were made from Grey Stuff (my sculpting material of choice),carved into having some paving stone-esque designs, with some spent shotgun shells from a cut up paper clip. Finishing touches are the blood stains, simply a dry brush of a dark red, then smudged with my finger.

The third Z-Hunter is a wonderfully stereotypical fire axe wielding maniac!

I had to use the flash, otherwise you would have seen none of the detail! This guy has some sweet cammies. The axe, is a traditional fire axe, borrowed from an abandoned fire truck probably! He has a jacket borrowed off of some unfortunate member of the CDC (Centre for Disease Control), or maybe, just maybe he was one of the ones tasked with saving the world from the disease in the first place?

So, my plan is to buy some of the Wargames Factory zombies, a couple more Z Hunters and use the Iron Ivan (No More Room in Hell) rules for some Zombie Skirmishes.

But, that is off in the future, with the French finished it is time for me to decide what is next up on my painting table. Romans? 28mm Moderns? 28mm WW2? Greeks? Flames of War?

No idea. Tune back in later in the week, I might have made a decision. Or maybe not. But something will be here.....


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  1. Dude those are cool!
    "Maam can you please move along this is a crime scene."
    "I gave at the office."