Sunday, 15 July 2012

Neo-Noir Zombie Hunting

At present, along with the other painting I am doing for Historicals and Lord of the Rings, I have been slowly working away at a few more Zombie Hunters and the Zombies themselves. My plan is to have ten or so survivors to give the players a choice of who to run around as. I am going to have a few of the standard Zombie Hunter stereotypes, a few movie homages (like Sgt Angel) and then a few things which I think will be cool.

This latest one is Marv from the Sin City series of comic books. I remember getting the whole series of Sin City out from the Library, reading it, rereading it and then getting fined for not taking it back. The most iconic character from those comics had to be Marv. Not known for his intelligence, he is more brutal in his belligerance. With an unquestioning sense of nobility on one hand, and on the other hand he is quick to use the most cruel and horrifying form of torture without a second thought! He is just such a lovely, flawed hero, which makes him so appealing.

See, appealing!


Inspired somewhat by Curt's foray into Grey-scale painting, I simply had to buy this miniature when I saw it for sale at Hasslefree, and have a crack at painting him up like he would be in the comics. I chose a limited colour palette, choosing that the only colour on the piece would be the belt buckle (gold) and the blood on the ground.

So using various shades of grey, and my usual black washes, I came up with this.

I am pretty happy with how he turned out, my matt varnish has left him still a touch shiny, but overall he is pretty cool I think!

This brings my total of Zombie Hunters up to four, but they don't have any Zombies yet to fight. Perhaps I should finish them....

Right now am working on some Minas Tirith Lotr troops to use for SAGA, I have challenged Jamie to a game once he writes their battleboard!



  1. Very nice, Chris! Marv really suits a greyscale paint job. The blood trail is a nice touch as well.

  2. Dude.

    That's awesome. Great greyscale work.

    How about Yellow Bastard as a Zombie Boss?


  3. @Curt: Marv would look so strange with pink flesh, I just couldn't do it! It would be too weird. It was very fun to do, made me think about colour and blends. Could I need more from Sin City?

    @Jas: The yellow bastard would be a wonderful Zombie. A greyscale Zombie game... ooooh that is tempting. Going from the Walking Dead comics, or Sin City.... Damn gears in my head are turning again!

  4. Brilliant idea and awesome execution mate.
    Yellow bastard as a zombie king is cool as well.

    Is that a Nine in Nails belt buckle?

  5. Yea it is, not sure if that would be Marv's cup of tea, he seems more of a country-smash the guitar in your face kind of a guy....

    Must get onto more Z hunters and Zeds so we can game it!