Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bedecon 2012- Plans and Schemes

Bedecon 2012 is fast approaching, and I needed a force to game with! My recent lack of FOW has not stopped me from looking seriously at a whole lot of cool kit, and making a scheme or two.

My initial concept was to run Schwere Panzers, based around the Kingtiger. This was because every table would have snow on it, and they SHOULD suck, hence the challenge. The list I built and decided I was happy with turned out to be 5 points over the 1750 thresh hold. Now, in normal play, that is not an issue. But in tournament play, and especially given I won the thing last year, Bede (umpire) decided (correctly) that 5 points extra wasn't going to fly.

So after a few unsuccessful attempts at bribery and corruption, I decided to roll with Bede's decision. Clearly the Schwere panzers were not for me.

Which left me with a conundrum. I had to play Germans, and it was going to be snow. The first idea was to run a totally Panzer IV company, but another local has one of those already.

So I did what any good wargamer in my situation would do. Find the most ridiculous thing, and make a list out of it.

And what was it? Well... this....

The Prinz Eugen battlecruiser. Because nothing says firepower like multiple heavy guns!

So the list I am using is based on the Panzer Brigades on the Eastern Front, is all Confident Trained and should suck royally against the Soviets. Which is exactly what I am looking for!

It will be..

Panzer HQ- 2 Panther Tanks
Panther Platoon- 3 Panther Tanks
Panther Platoon- 3 Panther Tanks
Gepanzerte Panzergreandier Platoon- Full Strength
Gepanzerte Panzerpioneer Platoon- Full Strength, Extra Halftracks

Plus the Prinz Eugen as Naval Gunfire Support....

I picked up a model for it today from Acorn Models, pictures will be forthcoming!



  1. Sounds like a scary list actually, for everyone involved!
    Scary for motivation and the occaisional ST move for you. Scary for everyone else with 8 Panthers.
    The Prinz Eugen has always been a favorite, did you say AT6? Ouch!
    Single template is a bit weird though.
    Fun though I hope.;-)

  2. I'm not a huge fan of FoW but having a German battlecruiser as 'support' appeals to me in a absurd, whacky kind of way.

  3. AT 6 on your top armour. It is 12 8" guns.... But only a single template of nastiness.

    The Prinz Eugen was in active support of the retreating German armies on the Eastern Front, so it is really cool that it makes an appearance!

  4. I have often used naval support for my Normandy commando list... if it hits it hurts but getting it to range in can be a bit lucky! Good luck!!

    I look forward to seeing what you use for Prinz Eugen. I tried looking for a suitable 'HMS Diadem' but no luck...

  5. That is your kind of list. No idea what I'll take if I make it, have a total lack of inspiration- maybe time I looked into some lists. My original idea involved cossacks so maybe I should look into the GGs