Friday, 30 December 2011

Goodbye 2011

This is my last post of the year, I thought it only fitting to have a wee recap of what the year has given and what I want to do next!

On the home front, 2011 had it's tough moments. Major natural disasters will do that! But that's all the talk of earthquakes that's needed.

I went to five Flames if War tournaments,Tempest, Southcon, Conquest, Flamescon and Bedecon. I managed to win 2 and was first equal in one. Next year, must put in a better showing at Southcon! I painted some new armies, british and some US paras in a week! I think next year I will rebase my paras onto the BF rubble bases, with snow. Because my favorite episode of Band of Brothers is Bastogne! Jamie has made his Ironman challenge, to encourage the use of tank and mechanized companies. I suppose I should do it too! First up is some form of tank army to fight at Valleycon- 1500 points Mid War at the end of January.

In other gaming? I painted the majority of a Napoleonic army. Never had one of them before! Got the start of some Thirty Years War too. That will be big in the start if next year. Dystopian wars is taking up an increasing amount of my time, which I am totally happy with.

The painting challenge? It has been one week, and I am 300 points behind. Bugger. What's the plan then? I will initiate "Operation Face Saver", a weeklong see how much I get painted beginning on the 3rd of January. I will paint British napolonics, a flames if war army for Valleycon and start some TYW Spanish. And get as much done as possible!

Finally, I want to play more games. Seems logical enough, but is it possible?

So that's the plan to start the year. Paint paint paint!


  1. What scale and models are you using for the TYW Spanish? I plan on starting my own army with them, in 1/72, but I can only find "generic" TYW figures, and nothing of the typical Spanish units.

  2. Generic is largely right for TYW Spanish- it was their formations that largely set them apart from others.

    As to rules, we are going to use Impetvs Baroque, but we did have to write our own Spanish list. I don't have it with me now, but will post it up in the New Year if you would like, along with a break down of some modeling.