Tuesday, 1 May 2012

6mm Modern British in Iraq!

edited for historical accuracy...

Well, in keeping with my tradition of random side projects, here are some (relativly) Modern British!

This combined arms force would be right at home in Operation Desert Storm (part 1) from the early 90s, which for me growing up was very much in the news! I am sure my teacher at my first year of school really enjoyed my commentary on the Coalition Air War, focusing on the aircraft themselves! I have vivid memories of an image in the paper of a downed aircraft, with an Iraqi dancing on the wreckage of the wing. I brought that to show and tell!

So in a way, I have always been a fan of the machines of warfare.....

But, on with the force.

The miniatures come from GHQ, and are really nice. The force contains...

4 Challenger 1 Main Battle Tanks. Before being superseded by the Challenger II, these were the big boys of the British Armoured Forces. Armed with a rifled 120mm gun, and still with the British Armies refusal to use auto-loaders (manual loading with highly drilled troops instead- continues on the Challenger II), these tanks are certainly formidable.

8 Warrior Armoured Personnel Carriers. These battle buses transport the modern British soldiers, armed with a 30mm cannon and a co ax MG. Tragically 2 Warriors were lost in the Gulf War through a friendly fire incident with an A-10 Warthog.

4 Scorpion Light Recon Tanks. Armed with a 76mm cannon, but really designed to go fast and scout, these form the recon elements of my force.

6 FV432 including variants. This includes two FV432 Armoured Personnel Carriers, two FV432 mortar weapons and two with Swingfire Anti-Tank Missiles. Although being phased out in favour of the Warrior and other systems, the FV432 is still in operation now; although with a much improved armour and defense systems.

9 bases of British Infantry. These are the dismounts from the Warriors and the FV432s, mounted on 21mm washers. Pretty simple paint jobs, pretty small miniatures! But they look the part in my opinion!

This is everyones favourite VTOL aircraft, the Harrier! To those who think their favourite is the F-35, you know it isn't......
Anyway, one single Harrier Aircraft, to act as Close Air Support. This particular Harrier, a GR-5 was the top of the line in Desert Storm. Equipped with two Sidewinder Anti-Aircraft missiles, four bombs and two rocket pods, it is certainly equipped to unleash on some unsuspecting locals!

Last up, two of my absolute favorite aircraft, the Westland Lynx. Now, not to gush too much about this helo but... It is the fastest, can perform loops, equipped with TOW Anti-Armour missiles and is just generally cool! I have been a big, big fan of this helo for some time!

In Desert Storm, they did unfortunately suffer many weapon malfunctions from their missiles, after all, the TOW warheads had been sitting in storage since the 1970's....

These were a treat to assemble and make- the details are provided by cut brass, details like the rotors and skids. Wargamers are a funny lot, we get really angry when rivets are wrong, but really excited when you give us something new. I can only imagine how much we frustrate companies!

At any rate, there is all of my 6mm stuff painted! It feels pretty good to get a whole project done and dusted, but it is usually in that euphoric feeling that I order more (to perpetuate the cycle), I haven't yet, but am seriously looking! What game system will I use these with? No idea. At all. Haha!

And so the painting war continues....



  1. They look first class. Always good to see and hear people building and using 6mm armies.

  2. Talk about random projects! They look great- do you have an opponent or did you not think that far ahead?

  3. Looking good, a side project that got finished, who would have thought of that?


  4. These are great, Chris. I'm a big fan of the Lynx helo as well and you've done a very nice job with them. I especially like that you have not done them up for any game but just for the sheer enjoyment. Bravo.
    - Curt

  5. These look awesome as always mate, great work!

    Im totally the bad influence here Craig, but have yet to get an OPFOR. Pooch as usual forged ahead all guns (or paintbrushes in this case) blazing.


  6. I do have alot of random side projects Craig- at what point do they become "main" projects?

    The lynx is very cool Curt- I recommend a book called "Armed Action", written by a Lynx pilot of his experiences in Desert Storm. Very readable!

    Getting all this done should just light a fire under Jas, that way we can get some super cool 6mm gaming going!

    I am now realising that the photos of the Lynx i put up there are rubbish, must do some better ones...


  7. I'd be interested to see how your games work out and could be convinced to join in- the figurees look good!

    Jason are you still alive? I thought you'd be sucked up into that bane of gaming- a new job!


  8. I will be interested too! Need to do some research into which gaming system to use.

    But, they were really fun to paint. Which makes me happy.

    Can't confirm if Jason is alive- haven't seen him in a long time! He truly is suffering through that "new job" curse!


  9. Those look really cool.

    I could definitely be persuaded to make a 6mm modern force. It's something I've already looked at, but been put off by lack of opponents and a widely accepted system. If you don't have a system in mind, two possibilities I've considered are Fistful of TOWs, or writing modern army lists for Epic: Armageddon.

  10. Thanks Than, that could be cool playing either of those game systems- can't say I have given them any thought!

    What force would tempt you for 6mm?


  11. Several modern armies appeal. You've got dibs on the British, but other armies of interest to me would be the Israelies (the Merkava is IMO the best looking modern tank) or the ever popular Hungarians (massed T-72s supported by ZSU-23s).

  12. Yep, i have dibs on the Brits!

    I was thinking of keeping our 6mm gaming in the sandbox of the middle east- perhaps a "what if?" of Israel losing its patience over the SCUD attacks and getting involved, which would draw every one else in? Russia, Iran, Egypt.....

    So those T72s and Zeus could be in desert camo and be from any of the Middle Eastern states?


  13. OK, looks like someone needs a fact checker.
    I think you meant Iraq, yes?
    No Challengers in Afghan, I don't think they even deployed the Warrior. Could be wrong of course. [They did deploy Warrior a bit actually, found it.]
    Also TOW was developed in the mid 70's and I don't think the UK got on board for some time.

    However they look great as usual, and yes those Lynx's look awesome as well.

    The Harrier is probably one of the most over rated aircraft in the world.;-)
    Payload? Who needs a payload I can takeoff straight up! Empty...
    Viffing is also overplayed but whatevers, crashing multi-million dollar aircraft is fun!

  14. Oops. So, you are correct there Sir, I will fire my fact checker. And by fire, I mean shoot.

    Unsure as to when the British got the TOW, will have to look into it. The book I took most of my Lynx info from thought it was the 70s (now that I actually checked)

    The harrier is cool. And you know it. Military aircraft are there to look cool, not drop bombs damnit!

    Thanks for calling me out on my facts, helps me learn :)


  15. I definitely love the Harrier too.;-)
    Sorry to be a pedant but we are hysterical gamers...

  16. Oh yes.

    Not like I am a pedant, I mean, look at my Greek Cav!