Monday, 7 May 2012

Impetvs Ancients- Romans Part One!

Well, over the weekend I managed to finish off my first few stands of my forthcoming Imperial Roman Army for Impetvs. All miniatures at this stage are from Warlord Games, from their range of plastics. I accept that I could find prettier Romans in metals no doubt, but I actually don't mind the Warlord Games ones. I have been very vocal about their WW2 Germans, but I am quite happy with their Romans! Which is good, because I have a lot of them....

For starters, here are 3 bases of Legion, all Warlord Games plastics.

All pretty stock standard paintjobs, these are more or less my benchmark now for how my Romans will look. I decided that I wanted to have a different colour of grass for a change, the last few armies have all been green! So, out came the basing I used for my Flames of War Germans, with some Army Painter grassy tufts. The shields are the decals from the Warlord Games pack and are... fiddly. They have a nasty wee habit of curling away from the shield, which means much to my suprise some of them had lifted half off! But, after some decal softener, a matt varnish, brown ink and another matt varnish, they are there to stay, and I am happy with the effect.

Next up, 8 Warlord Games Western Archers, split into bases for Impetvs.

Nice, simple paint jobs, nothing too extraordinary there.

Last up, a Scorpion artillery piece.

And that is all I have painted as yet for my Roman Army.

Number of Figures: 34 Infantry, 1 Artillery
Points Total: 141 Points
Maximus Level: 0 Maximus

Like I seem to usually do, I have bought lots and lots of stuff, which really means I need to get myself into gear with my painting. So, my plan then is to BUY NO MORE MINIATURES UNTIL I PAINT OTHER ONES! So, that means that I have to finish an army, before I can start something else. Which I hope will make me actually finish some projects which I am half way through working on. And I expect this plan to fall apart shortly when I see something bright and shiny. Shiiiiney......

Back to painting, these Romans don't paint themselves (sadly)



  1. Romans are coming up good, Poochie. I've been reading Tacitus since I have the tablet (got to love project Gutenburg) and am liking the prospect of some Imperial Period Civil Warring!

  2. Looking good- but why does everyone have Romans?


  3. I am looking forward to our great Civil War Jamie!

    As for why Romans Craig, it is to get ambushed in the Teutoburger of course! That and having Civil Wars!

    Really it is because I do actually like Romans- they were my favorite as a kid. They look cool I reckon!


  4. Amazing! Love the painting style, the archers are really great, like your bases!

  5. Thanks Phil!

    Now I just have to paint more....

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