Friday, 4 May 2012

SAGA Dark Ages: Cu Eion defending the Shores of Eire

So, I managed to get in a couple of games of SAGA last night, where the mighty Irish were defending the shores of Eire against the rampaging Anglo-Danish!

In true style, the Irish turned up late, so missed the chance to attack the enemy at their beach head, so instead had to make do with a pitched battle further inland.

The Irish formed up in their battlelines, wary of the opposing forces. Hearthguard took the flanks, warriors in the centre with Cu Eion himself, with a protective screen of women and children (that sounds a bit bad actually...)

But the cunning Anglo-Danish were lurking in the trees...

Darn cunning!

But, both armies surged forward, eventually meeting at the crest of a hill...

And, in true SAGA style, proceeded to beat the snot out of each other. SAGA has had an incredible body count in my games so far, and this was no exception. But, the Irish were able to hold their own, the game being decided in single combat between each of the Warlords with their retainers...

Where ultimatly Cu Eion was victorious! Well, more that his 4 Hearthguard with Dane Axes and a whole combo of extra dice were victorious!

So, with the lead army crushed and leaderless, Cu Eion set about catching up with the remainder of the invading force....

This game did not go as much according to plan! The Anglo-Danish were able to roll very, very useful dice, gaining the right abilities at the right time. To be on the recieving end of at least +3 fatigue for each of my units was a real, real pain!

So, at one stage my army looked like this...

Why yes, that is the entire army fatigued to the point of exhaustion! Which is a real problem in SAGA, and something I was very, very lucky to counteract!

But, the Irish did as Irishmen do, and they killed everyone. In spite of being fatigued, they managed to do the business!

"I thought I had friends... like a unit or something? Guys? Hello...?"

"There they are, get them!"

So, in spite of my massive fatigue, I was able to scrounge another win. So the Irish go 3-0! Must be some luck there. Still liking SAGA, nice and simple, easy and enjoyable to play.

Must get back to painting, plus some more gaming I hope!

Next up? 28mm historicals I hope!



  1. Those guys fight as good as they look then. Thanks for the AAR


  2. Who was running the Anglo-Danes?


  3. Looks great Chris. Very nice figures and photos.

  4. Andy T was running the Anglo Danes Craig, and they are some darn fine looking models he has made too!


  5. I was pretty stoked to turn up and see these great looking warbands slugging it out.
    Nice work guys!
    [Goes back to painting...]

  6. Saga = awesome. Great post.

  7. Great looking figures and the game looks really fun. I'm hoping to someone hosting these rules at our next convention in a few weeks. Dean