Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Southcon 2012- And now for something completely different!

Well Southcon 2012 is almost upon us, or at least registrations for it are closing soon. I have played Flames of War in a couple of Southcons, played 40k in one and have missed a few due to hockey.

This year, I have decided to play Dystopian Wars! Now it was a tough call, but I decided on DW because I haven't really had that much enthusiasm for FOW lately; and I do really like DW, and it would be very cool to get a tournament of it going.

So, in honour of my new decision, there was clearly only one thing to do. Buy a new fleet!

After much deliberation, I decided upon none other than the Brittanian's greatest nemesis, those dastardly French. With their cool looking ships, heat rays (ala War of the Worlds) and the ability for one of their battleships to fly (awesome!), I was sold.

Plus, I can do this...

So, all in all? I was sold.

So with the fleet currently on it's way to me today (hopefully), I took a little time to think of a colour scheme.

Current plan is to copy the French Tank camo scheme from WW2, seen here modelled on a Char B...

With the addition of a dark red waterline for the flying vessels. Plan is for the steampunky details to either be in gold (probably) or silver (unlikely). I like the idea of the scheme, because a) it looks cool, and b) is completely impractical! Why would a ship have green camo? Because it does dammit!

Well, looks like I failed at not spending money buying more miniatures. Although, I did say I was allowed to if I had finished a project, so it could count because I have finished my Brittanians?

More Romans hopefully finished tonight, I would like to keep going with my roll on painting them! Up coming problem is going to be running out of bases, hopefully I will get it sorted today tho....



  1. Look forward to seeing them- good idea for the camo scheme


  2. I think that old fashioned, disused, camouflage schemes are perfect for DW.
    I think Keith is doing Antarcticans in WW1 dazzle after some musings from me.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your results. It is amazing how dystopian models don't really need any building. A change from FOW toys and a good chance to be a little silly.

  4. Thanks guys, I am hoping for good things too!

    Dazzle is done a bit on DW ships, hence my desire for something a bit more out of left field!

    Oh and yes Kiwi, it is all about the silly....