Friday, 18 May 2012

Impetvs Ancients- Romans Part Three!

So, we return back to our scheduled programming with another collection of Imperial Romans!

Three more bases of Legionaries done, again all miniatures from Warlord Games.

Here is another command base, the Primus Pilus (First Centurion) is at the front, a metal miniature, the Vexillarius (banner bearer) is another metal figure. These legionaries all have the plastic Veteran arms (armoured right arms), just to make them look a bit cooler! Game wise, these will probably in all likelyhood be just another normal base of Legionary.

Two more bases of stock standard Legionaries.

Apologies for the super grainy pictures, I took them before the sun came up and had to be done before I went to work this morning. So, sorry about that! Once I have done the whole lot, I will endeavor to do some better pictures of the whole army.

Well, the next lot of Romans are on the painting table, the main issue is that my army is not legal yet! So more painting for me...

Number of Figures: 74 Infantry, 1 Artillery
Points Total: 291 Points
Maximus Level: 1 Maximus

The problem of having no bases will rear it's ugly head when I finish Part Four, hopefully I will have sorted that before then!

More Romans to paint, so back to it!


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  1. "You bloody Romans.
    What has Rome ever done for us...?"

    Those veterans look super awesome.