Monday, 19 December 2011

The Bangkok Naval Treaty- Dystopian Wars game

Lord Commodore Melchett sat impassivly around the large table. It had been scant few hours since he had departed his beloved Thunderchild for the neutral port of Bangkok. Four other naval commanders sat at the round table with him, all parties flanked by their aides of staff. Lord Melchett was uninspired by his requirement to be at this so called official gathering; why should he, Lord Melchett sit at the same table as his enemies? Especially to talk about limiting HIS naval power? Could they not see that the Brittanian domination of this economic zone was inevitable?

Two Prussian Commanders sat opposite one another, clearly members of different ethnic groups, one was spouting forth tirades of abuse which his translator blushed and refused to pass along; my aide informed me later that there was an ancient grievance between this Hungarian commander and the other Prussian. Commodore Sheridan of the FSA sat opposite Lord Melchett. Sheridan had the same opinion as Melchett, let the Europeans fight it out, then annihilate the rest. It had not been long since Sheridan and Melchett had come to blows, in the so called "Civil War" of the FSA. Brittania had interests in the winner of the conflict being... responsive to British economic involvement. Naturally, the interests of Brittania were served, as they always were.

It was now that Sheridan spoke up, explaining his proposal as if it were he were unwrapping a favourite present, pausing to ensure effect. The proposal was simple, a limit on tonnage of naval vessels in the Pacific Economic Zone. The Hungarian commander sprang up, continued his tirade and I can only assume swore the deepest vengance upon all those at the table, but especially Sheridan. The other Prussian asked his aide for a book, presumably to check the tonnages of his vessels; smirking and making the unmistakeable sound of a Zepplin's rotors, clearly he thought that the way around the restrictions. Lord Melchett knew of Sheridan's proposal prior to the meeting, Victoria's spies were ruthless in their efficiency. His anger hidden, his distaste for his opponents kept beneath his large mustache. He spoke only two words before leaving, "Brittania accepts".

This act of supplication was simply a farce. Not one day after, Lord Melchett aboard the freshly commissioned Majesty Class Dreadnought HMS Thunderchild was on the tail of Sheridan and his fleet. This fleet was Melchett's own, and as such had the latest in Sturginum technology, as a defense against the well known FSA firepower.
The Brittanian Fleet advancing in Line
The FSA quickly realised the threat, their long range recon aircraft spotting the heaving smoke stacks of the Brittanian vessels and immediatly called their fleet around, and directed fire onto the Brittanian vessels. The initial fire was sporadic and inaccurate, causing a minor hit on the cruiser HMS Warspite. Plunging fire from the Thunderchild was in concert with the fire from the Battleship HMS Iron Duke directed at the enemy fleet carrier.
The Brittanian line edges ever closer, but there are enemies in the distance....
Severe damage was inflicted upon the enemy carrier by the two vessels fire, while in an attempt to silence the enemy indirect fire from the Battleships, one of the Wolf Pack frigate squadrons steamed straight for the island concealing the battleship, to silence the enemy recon aircraft. The recon aircraft was silenced, but serious damage was inflicted upon the frigate.
The lone remaining frigate after their strike, two Doncaster bombers from the RFC fly past in an attempt to destroy the enemy balloons.
Meanwhile, the second Wolf Pack were hunting the enemy cruisers with the help of the nearby Cruiser Squadron, causing crippling damage onto all three of the enemy vessels, in short order the three enemy vessels were sinking rapidly.
A Wolf Pack strikes, Ack-Ack firing at the enemy bombers, turrets firing at the enemy cruisers
It was at this point that the squadrons of the Royal Flying Corps attached to the fleet from their operational bases on nearby Avenger Carriers made their strikes to protect the Thunderchild and the Iron Duke. Crippling damage was made upon the enemy bombers, but those proved to be a distraction as three waves of enemy torpedo bombers rippled waves of fire into the Iron Duke. The torpedo defence provided by the escort vessel was rendered helpless as the Iron Duke sailed in front of the protection; Melchett could only watch in horror as the torpedoes tore a hole through the bow of the Iron Duke through which water began rushing through, as she began to sink.
The tiny fliers attempt to destroy an enemy bomber, the enemy torpedo bombers are about to begin their attack runs on the Iron Duke
All the while, the Thunderchild had been steaming straight forward, guns blazing. It was only until she turned to the side that her full power was unleashed on the enemy Battleship, five of her six turrets striking the first enemy battleship with ruthless efficiency. Raging fires were observed over the ship, men leaping into the waves to avoid the onslaught. Lord Melchett wanted Sheridan alive, so that he could witness the Brittanian domination of the Pacific Economic Zone, as pennance for a wound given many years ago. Lord Melchett ordered the rocket marines off the surviving Wolf Pack to search the crippled Battleship , to capture the bridge and capture Sheridan. It was only after a bitter fight that it was realised that Sheridan was on the other vessel, the one that was now steaming away at a full head of knots past the Thunderchild. Sheridan knew of the weaknesses of the Majesty class, he knew no pursuit could be given. Lord Melchett could only feel that Sheridan's revenge would be coming with ruthless efficiency.....
The Thunderchild engages the two enemy Battleships, crippling one, while Sheridan escapes on the other.....
Vengance had been achieved for the Bangkok Treaty, Brittania would still "observe" the treaty, while building up the size of her fleet, to achieve victory in the Pacific!

For more on the treaty of Bangkok, head here.

One day till the painting challenge starts...



  1. Good game, Poochie.

    You'd think a couple of Battleships would be enough - but they are struggling against all these dreads that have cropped up like weeds.

    Sheridan is off to try and shake the War Dept. of their belief that it's most important that our ships fit all the smaller Pacific ports and channels. I don't like his chances though.

    What's Rotors got to do with the Bangkok treaty?

  2. The have much less tonnage- that Sky fortress of Jasons has very little weight on the ground....

  3. True, but they also aren't exactly tough - the treaty is only about restricting really tough things. DR 6 and no shield means things should be able to put damage points on it with AA.

    Why a trio of flying Robots with cannon on their arms could....

  4. What happened to operation "Overlord"??? Excellent report. Loved reading it. Keep it up! Also are there other dystopian Blogs that post like this that you know of? I'd like to read more battle reports!


  5. Try these 3; they are my gaming group, and we are all posting like this. Not sure of any others...

  6. keep me honest ya wee rascal, man this game looks cool

  7. Yep, gotta keep NZ up there!

    Dystopian wars is super cool, good luck for the romans!

  8. Nice Post Pooch :)

    KoB fleet looks really good mate, and I am glad to see the dastardly FSA get their cumuppence!

    Ill have to ponder the Bankok Naval Limitation Treaty...I could still field 3 Sky Fortress's...(not that I would). Overall I think its a great move.

  9. I like the treaty (despite Lord Melchett's disapproval) it just makes fleets "feel" right.

    There is comeuppance coming for some Prussians and some Japanese too...

  10. Three DR 6 Sky fortresses that can't have shields. Lots of HP and some cool abilities but not too hard for most things to hurt, in the same way shielded Dreads are.

    Look at me, unfolding my present again. Just being my brash American self.

  11. So would you guys advise a British dread to take all 6 turrets or 4 turrets and 2 shields?


  12. Dread gets shields AND turrets. I have been running double shield battleships and shielded cruisers. I just got sick of my stuff dying! It means they are just that much tougher to kill, making up for their poor DR and CR.

    Plus I just steam mine straight forward, never get to use the rear turrets anyway!

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