Sunday, 18 December 2011

Step One, Complete! Napoleonic British Based!

Well, after a week of PVA glue and big paintbrushes, my British Napoleonic Army is based!
There is what I have got! In Lasalle terms: 2 Large Guards Infantry Units, 5 Infantry Units, 1 Hussar Unit, 1 Unit of Artillery, extra skirmisher and sapper stands, 4 commanders and some casualty markers.

A close up of the Artillery base. The bases themselves need a little bit of colour, which I am sorting as we speak. It is hopefully winging it's way to me from England....

So what is left to paint for my Napoleonic British?
  • 2 Units of Infantry (69th South Lincolnshire and some more Landwehr)
  • The artillery crew for another base of artillery
  • The Duke Himself- because it ain't Waterloo without the Duke!
With that in mind, here is the 69th Regiment ready for some paint
Although I have just noticed one of the front ranks has a particularly... exaggerated pose of his head. I will fix that before I apply some paint!
Because it aint Waterloo without him; here is the Duke of Wellington himself, ready to get some paint applied also.

But no paint (other than undercoat) can be applied until 11:01 am on the 20th of December (00:01 Canadian Time) so these chaps will have to wait! I still need to assemble the regiment of Landwehr, so that will likely happen in the next day or two as well.

But in other news, there has been some trouble brewing in Bangkok; which concerns the economic interests of the Kingdom of Brittania in that little slice of the globe....



  1. Nice One Pooch!

    You really make me want to paint MY Brits at some point...looks like I need to add them to the queue


  2. Great looking army you have there Chris.

  3. Thanks for the kind words! Just hot to get the last few things done, would be great to have a totally finished army!

  4. Chris,

    What brand are the guns - I presume they are plastics of some sort?

    BTW - why a 4th gun stand for the Arty Bty? In Lasalle they are 3 obviously but logically for battalion level games 1 model = 1 section of 2 guns means they'll usually be 3 stands/models also - so do you have some cunning scheme for the 4th stand/model (or an alternate ruleset)?



  5. Those guns are the Victrix plastics.

    The 4th gunner is just an officer with a limber- useable as an objective or in Lasalle terms as a marker to show they are limbered.

    No sneaky cunning plan of getting a 4th gun for the British artillery battery!

  6. Hey Chris - right - I was wondering what they looked like (the Victrix guns). And 'Ha' so you are misleading your readers then?! :-) i.e. The artillery crew for another base of artillery in what's left to paint. ;-)

    Anyway keep up the good work - chaps are looking great! You could bring them up to Auckland for BattleCry in February! ;-)

  7. The artillery are all on one big 150x75mm base- so it is 12 crew per base of 3 guns!

    The Victrix guns are not bad, annoying to assemble, but I am ok with that for the price. The faces are jokishly awful tho, Victrix does not do faces well in my opinion.

    I would bring them up, but I have no clue what so ever on how to transport them!

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