Monday, 26 December 2011

Final Painting Offerings of 2011

Happy holidays and a Merry Christmas!

Well, for those of you who don't read the blog from Analogue Hobbies (link on the left); you really should! But as well, I will post up some pictures of what I have been painting lately on here too!

First up, some Napoleonics!
One of the wonderful Perry casualty miniatures. This is one from the forthcoming South Linconshire regiment.
My second artillery battery, 2 9 pounder guns and a 5.5" howitzer with all their crew
The reverse of the same unit
 Plus, the all important man himself, Stephen Fry! I mean, the Duke of Wellington...
If you have a spare 5 minutes, I highly recommend reminding yourself of this show. I like to think of the Duke like how he is portrayed here!

Two shots of the Duke himself, maintaining a commanding position on the battlefield!

In addition to that Napoleonics stuff, I also managed to get an M8 Greyhound scout car done. Why? Well it was sitting on my desk waiting to be painted. Or is it for a secret project?
Hint- It's not for a secret project...

Well, that is all folks! No more painting for 2011 for me, I am off on holiday this afternoon, returning in the New Year. I think I will put up one more blog post before the year is out, but this is the last one with proper pictures!

Merry Christmas, I hope Santa brought all of the Toy Soldiers you desired...



  1. I like the big Artillery bases- might have to do the same for the Russians, much easier to manouvre- how do you get on if you redeploy them though?


  2. Some very nice painting, I love the casualty figure!!

  3. Looking good Pooch, and even better in the flesh.

    2012 looks to be very interesting on the war gaming front...looking forward to some finished armies!

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  5. Those Napoleanics look so awesome dude. I've got to see them in action some time.

  6. Nice pics, and I love the Blackadder sketch..., "Shout, Shout and Shout Again!" - thats actually become my mantra; every time I walk into the room where the kids watch TV; 'I- Carly' and other such drivel - Why is it child actors, can only 'act', by shouting and screaming at each other or is it the fault of their directors???

    All the best for 2012