Thursday, 22 December 2011

Painting Challenge update One!

Well, here it is, my first update for the painting challenge.

So, what I have I completed?

Well... no full stands of Napoleonics... but I did paint these six chaps!
Six artillery crew; which marks exactly where I left off last time I painted Napoleonics! I had just finished their 3 guns, then got caught by a serious bout of "can't-be-bothered-itis". I just don't actually enjoy painting these guys, not sure if it is the Victrix faces (which I hate) or the combination of colours (I really hate yellow) but they just are not enjoyable to paint. What is enjoyable however, is that I only have 6 more to go!

What's the plan then? Well, I am off on holiday on the 26th. Until the new year. Which means no painting (at all) will be done in that week! Which will keep putting me behind (darn it). So my goal before Christmas is to get this artillery battery done fully. I then plan to make up for the no painting week by a whole week where I am at home, and I don't have to work. It will be my goal to get as much painted in that week as possible! So look out for some frantic updates from the 2nd of january until the 9th of January!

Oh, in other news I finished a secret test figure (pics tomorrow), and my Thirty Years War army is winging it's way towards me from the UK.

Back to painting!



  1. they look really sharp nice job they just needs some guns old chap. tonight instead of finishing a few of the lads i've started I'm doing the first coat of another 90 infantry yee haa

  2. Nice work, they look really good.

  3. Thanks!! Their guns are already painted- about 2 months ago!

    They just need their other 6 buddies now....

  4. That was a good shake that just rattled through is everything all right up your way

  5. Good start. I know what I mean, I dont really get excited about painting up Napoleonic stuff, though do like playing it with Black Powder... so some day I'll have to finish off my British current reading material may inspire me a little...

  6. Am fine up here Kent- a good rumble and shake...

    I have to ask Scott, what is your current reading material? I like painting the line infantry, just not the artillery crew. Too many fiddly colours!

    How do you find Blackpowder plays?

  7. Good stuff! I look forward to seeing the completed unit.

    I'll interject and say that I really like BP as well. Its fast and relatively easy to grasp. The rules layout is a bit Byzantine but once you get the basic mechanics its pretty smooth sailing. In a few months we'll have our homegrown set up on my blog if you want to check them out. Free is a low threat investment. :)

  8. I haven't really looked at Blackpowder; Lasalle was what really got me into gear with Napoleonics. I just looked too often at Ancients gamers just not having fun, and didn't want a part of it! Between Impetvs and Lasalle, they make for games which I enjoy. If your ruleset will do that too, I would love to have a look!